How hard should you press gua sha?

How hard should you press gua sha?

Harder isn’t always better, especially when it comes to facial gua sha. In order to move the lymph efficiently, a gentle pressure is ideal for the stroke. Pull rather than push—if you go too hard, you risk bruising, the kind you see in gua sha bodywork, which isn’t cute on your face.

Can you gua sha too hard?

Risks and Contraindications for Gua Sha However, it is possible to apply gua sha too hard and/or cause adverse reactions. For example, one reported case of gua sha applied to the front of the neck for throat pain caused extreme swelling of the epiglottis, which resulted in temporary loss of speaking ability.

Do you gua sha up or down the neck?

5. To tone the neck, glide the gua sha tool up towards the jaw, starting at the base near the collarbone. Move up from the center, then work your way around the side of the neck until you reach your shoulder, always working the tool upwards.

Why gua sha is bad?

Typically, gua sha is considered safe. However, you may have some bruising or discoloration of your skin. You could also be sore and tender for a short while after you have your treatment. You shouldn’t have it if you’re taking medicine for blood clots.

What happens if you gua sha wrong?

Gua sha isn’t supposed to be painful at all. If you use the wrong kind of scraping instrument or lubrication you might end up breaking the skin – and that can be painful. With the proper care it is normally less painful than a deep tissue massage. And the benefits are more profound, and last longer.

Should I use Gua Sha morning or night?

Either in the morning or the evening works fine as long as you take the appropriate time to do it. I always do my facial gua sha in the morning, as it is a fantastic way to reduce puffiness and wake up your facial muscles at the beginning of the day.

Who should not use gua sha?

Avoid this technique if you’ve had any surgery in the last six weeks. People who are taking blood thinners or have clotting disorders aren’t good candidates for gua sha.

Should I gua sha in the morning or night?

What can I use instead of gua sha?

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  • What time of day should you gua sha?

    the morning
    And the time of day you add Gua Sha to your routine matters, too. “In the morning, it’s about treating puffiness and energizing the skin, while at night you work more on relaxing the muscles and releasing tight connective tissue,” Katie Brindle, the founder of the Hayo’u Method told Porter.