What is a players market value?

What is a players market value?

A player’s market value is an estimate of the amount for which a team can sell the player’s contract to another team (Herm, Callsen-Bracker, & Kreis, 2014).

Which soccer player has the highest value?

Phil Foden has been named the most valuable player in the world, according to the latest figures by the CIES Football Observatory.

How is a player valued?

Generally speaking, players are valued in the same way as any other asset. Key factors include the player’s age, playing position, nationality, playing characteristics, and weighted performance criteria. Similarities can then be drawn with comparable players for whom transactions have already taken place in the market.

What is player transfer market?

The transfer market is the arena in which football players are available for transfer to clubs. The transfer market consists of a list of players available for transfer, and also the money moving between clubs as they contest to purchase and sell these players.

Who decides players market value?

The primary position of the player on the field is a determining factor on the market value of the footballer. Players from different positions have different criteria for judging their market value but, in general, the higher the player’s position on the field, the more expensive he will be.

Who has the highest transfer market value?

Kylian Mbappé

# Player Market value
1 Kylian Mbappé Centre-Forward €160.00m
2 Erling Haaland Centre-Forward €150.00m
3 Harry Kane Centre-Forward €120.00m
4 Jack Grealish Left Winger €100.00m

Who is the most expensive soccer player 2020?

Cristiano Ronaldo overtakes Lionel Messi as world’s highest-paid soccer player.

How is market value determined soccer?

Market value is based on an algorithm built by Transfer Market to estimate the transfer fee if the players were transferred during the present season and is adjusted every year. Ratings are calculated based on WhoScored’s algorithm, using OPTA’s statistics and are updated during each game.

How does the transfer market work in soccer?

As in any professional sport, the buying and selling of players is a critical component of soccer. However, rather than trading players back and forth, clubs buy and sell players via the transfer market. Navigating the transfer market requires vigilance and an ability to pick out exceptional players from a huge pool.

What makes the transfer market work so well?

Navigating the transfer market requires vigilance and an ability to pick out exceptional players from a huge pool. Teams invest huge amounts of time and money into scouting talent and analyzing statistics to secure the most gifted players for the right price.

Who are the last people involved in the transfer market?

The last group involved in the transfer market are agents. Whereas scouts and analysts are loyal to a single club, agents represent players, and work to ensure that the player’s best interests are being upheld in the deal (Thomas, 2014).

Which is the highest market value in the Premier League?

1. Pos. 87.926 Points This is an overview of the market values of the players of the selected competition, sorted by the highest market values.