Who did the Mets get in the trade for Tom Seaver?

Who did the Mets get in the trade for Tom Seaver?

On December 16, 1982, Seaver was traded back to the Mets, for Charlie Puleo, Lloyd McClendon, and Jason Felice. On April 5, 1983, he tied Walter Johnson’s major league record of 14 Opening Day starts, shutting out the Philadelphia Phillies for six innings in a 2–0 Mets win, but had a 9–14 record that season.

Why did Mets trade Tom Seaver?

Seaver pitched for the Mets from 1967 until 1977, when he was traded to Cincinnati after a public spat with chairman M. Donald Grant over Seaver’s desire for a new contract. It was a clash that inflamed baseball fans in New York.

Did Tom Seaver throw a no hitter?

Seaver’s no-hitter was the first and only of his career, but his near perfect game against the Cubs was an arguably more important milestone for the three-time Cy Young award winner.

What did Tom Seaver pass away from?

Lewy body dementia
September 4, 2020 — Tom Seaver, a Hall of Fame pitcher who helped the New York Mets win their first World Series championship, died Monday from complications of COVID-19 and Lewy body dementia.

What was Tom Seaver’s fastest pitch?

Once, he could throw his fastball 97-plus miles an hour. Now, his fastball is usually in the high 80’s. Recently one fastball against the Angels was clocked at 91 miles an hour.

Who broke up Seaver’s no-hitter?

For Seaver, it was no-hitter redemption following several near-misses, including the infamous July 9, 1969, game where the Cubs’ Jimmy Qualls broke up Seaver’s perfect game after 25 outs.

When was Tom Seaver traded to the Reds?

New York Mets fans of a certain age remember all too well when the organization traded three-time Cy Young winner and “The Franchise,” pitcher Tom Seaver, to the Cincinnati Reds on June 15, 1977 for four players — a deal remembered as “The Midnight Massacre” in baseball lore.

Who is Tom Seaver and what team did he play for?

American baseball player. George Thomas Seaver (born November 17, 1944), nicknamed Tom Terrific and The Franchise, is a retired American professional baseball pitcher. He pitched in Major League Baseball (MLB) from 1967 to 1986 for the New York Mets, Cincinnati Reds, Chicago White Sox, and Boston Red Sox.

How many wins did Tom Seaver have with the Mets?

Seaver had four more twenty-win seasons (20 in 1971, 21 in 1972, 22 in 1975, and 21 in 1977) (7 wins for the Mets, then 14 more after being traded to the Reds). He won two more Cy Young Awards (1973 and 1975, both with the Mets).

When did Tom Seaver have a contract dispute?

There wasn’t a lot of excitement about the organization and the leadership of the organization.” Grant, a notorious penny-pincher, and Seaver had engaged in a contract dispute starting in 1976 and which boiled over into 1977.