How much does it cost to dump Adelaide?

How much does it cost to dump Adelaide?

Green waste dumping

Load/trailer size Charge
City of Adelaide Residents (4 loads / year) Free- when a current rates notice and identification are produced
6 x 4 Trailer Level $39.00 / Raised $46.50 / Caged $52.50
7 x 5 Trailer and above minimum charge Level $46.50/ Raised $52.50 / Caged $60.50

What is hard rubbish collection?

Hard rubbish is a waste disposal and recycling service for items that are too large to dispose of through regular household waste disposal. Some councils collect hard rubbish at a specific time each year, but many councils are choosing to use a booking system to make the process more convenient for residents.

Where can I dispose of waste in Adelaide?

The Adelaide Waste and Recycling Centre can assist you with your business waste disposal. Call us to discuss your requirements and ask one of our friendly sales team for an obligation free assessment of your waste requirements.

Where does green waste go at skips Adelaide?

Skips Adelaide SA take Green Waste Skips to the appropriate licenced dump. Skips Adelaide SA make sure to recycle your waste for you by using the applicable dump for the waste collected in the Skip. Green waste goes to Jefferies, that is why it is important when ordering a Green waste Skip that it is only vegetation.

Who is signal waste and recycling in SA?

Commercial Recycling Companies SA. Signal Waste & Recycling is a South Australian owned and operated waste disposal and recycling company. Signal Waste has serviced Adelaide with our rubbish removal and waste management services since 1989.

Which is the best waste recycling company in SA?

By servicing residential and commercial sectors, our services are better spread and can reach more waste areas than other companies. Signal Waste & Recycling are one of the most effective and efficient waste reduction companies in South Australia. We guarantee it!