How many episodes in series 7 of Made in Chelsea?

How many episodes in series 7 of Made in Chelsea?

The seventh series of Made in Chelsea, a British structured-reality television programme, began airing on 7 April 2014 on E4….Made in Chelsea (series 7)

Made in Chelsea
Series 7
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of episodes 11

When was Made in Chelsea series 7 filmed?

Series 7 (2014) The seventh series began airing on 7 April 2014 on E4. The series concluded on 16 June 2014 after 11 episodes.

When did Alix leave Made In Chelsea?

The strain of Alex’s filming commitments clearly put their fledgling relationship under strain with the couple calling it quits in July 2017. While on the show he has dated some of the other cast members, including Nicola Hughes, Binky Felstead and Jess Woodley, who he was pictured with while on holiday with Lottie.

Will there be a series 8 of Made in Chelsea?

Returning for series 8 will be: Jamie Laing, Binky Felstead, Mark-Francis Vandelli, Spencer Matthews, Lucy Watson, Alex Mytton, Louise Thompson, Stevie Johnson, Rosie Fortescue, Oliver Proudlock, Cheska Hull, Fran Newman- Young, Victoria Baker-Harber, Sophie Hermann, Sam Thompson and Riley Uggla.

Who are the girls in Made in Chelsea?

Current cast

Cast member Series Year
Sophie Hermann 6–9, 14– 2013–15, 2017–
Tiff Watson 8–14, 19– 2014–17, 2020–
Olivia Bentley 11– 2016–
Emily Blackwell 12–14, 16, 18– 2016–17, 2018, 2019–

Where are Made in Chelsea filming?

Made in Chelsea stars have been filming at a luxury Suffolk estate which spans 8,000 acres and boasts a pool, hot tubs and its very own wine cellar. The top reality show, which is broadcast on E4 on Monday evenings, has been filming at The Wilderness Reserve in Sibton Park Estate, near Yoxford, in east Suffolk.

Who cheated on Binky?

With Made In Chelsea series 19 reduced to only six episodes thanks to the. And kicking off the flashbacks was the series seven episode from 2014 in which Alex Mytton’s infidelity was revealed to a distraught Binky Felstead.

Has made in Chelsea finished 2021?

Season 22 Cast. Made in Chelsea finished in June 2021 and fans want to know when they can expect the next instalment of London socialite drama.