Why did the King of Belgium abdicate in 2013?

Why did the King of Belgium abdicate in 2013?

Albert II (born 6 June 1934) is a member of the Belgian royal family, who reigned as King of the Belgians, from 1993 to 2013. He then announced that, on 21 July, Belgian National Day, he would abdicate the throne for health reasons. He was succeeded by his son Philippe on 21 July 2013.

Who was the King of Belgium in 1990?

Baudouin of Belgium

Names Dutch: Boudewijn Albert Karel Leopold Axel Maria Gustaaf French: Baudouin Albert Charles Léopold Axel Marie Gustave German: Balduin Albrecht Karl Leopold Axel Marie Gustav
House Belgium
Father Leopold III of Belgium
Mother Astrid of Sweden

What happened to the Belgian royal family during ww2?

Exile and abdication In 1944, Heinrich Himmler ordered Leopold deported to Germany. Princess Lilian followed with the family in another car the following day under an SS armed guard. The Nazis held the family in a fort at Hirschstein in Saxony from June 1944 to March 1945, and then at Strobl, Austria.

Why did Albert II of Belgium abdicate?

Boël first talked about it publicly in 2005, and many Belgians had decided she was telling the truth. Albert, 85, had evaded questions about the affair. But when he abdicated in 2013, citing health reasons, he lost his immunity from prosecution, and Boël pursued her case in the courts.

Who is current king of Belgium?

Philippe of BelgiumSince 2013

Philippe, king of Belgium, in full Philippe Léopold Louis Marie, (born April 15, 1960, Brussels, Belgium), king of the Belgians from 2013. Philippe was the first of three children of Albert II, who became Belgium’s sixth king in 1993.

How much is the King of Belgium worth?

King Philippe net worth: King Philippe is King of the Belgians and has a net worth of $20 million. He is best known for being the King of the Belgians since 2013.

Who is the Belgian king?

Who was the evil Belgian king?

The Evil King King Leopold II was the evil Belgian King who exploited the Congo. A pedophile and white supremacist extraordinaire, he was once dubbed “Satan and Mammon in one person.” The ambitious and greedy king kick-started Europe’s so-called “Scramble for Africa” in the 1880s.

Where did the Dutch queen go during ww2?

The Dutch government in exile (Dutch: Nederlandse regering in ballingschap), also known as the London Cabinet (Dutch: Londens kabinet), was the government in exile of the Netherlands, headed by Queen Wilhelmina, that fled to London after the German invasion of the country during World War II on 10 May 1940.

Who is king in Belgium?