What happened to KC on Degrassi?

What happened to KC on Degrassi?

Kirk Cameron “K.C.” Guthrie was a student at Degrassi Community School who attended the school from his freshman year until his junior year (2010-2013) when he left Toronto and moved to Vancouver, British Columbia in order to protect his mother from his alcoholic father, who had been recently released from jail, and …

Who does KC date in Degrassi?

Although he used to date Clare Edwards in season 8, KC made some risky decisions in season 9 when he started dating Jenna Middleton and got in to some drama with his Coach, too….

KC Guthrie
Job Student, Father
School Degrassi Community School
First Episode Uptown Girl, Part 2
Portrayer Sam Earle

Do Clare and KC get back together?

K.C. and Clare started dating in Danger Zone and broke up in Heart Like Mine (1). The two have barely interacted since the break up, let alone shown signs of ever getting back together.

Who does Emma lose her virginity to Degrassi?

Sean is eight months older than Emma: he was born in October 1988 while she was born in June 1989. They had a pregnancy scare. Emma lost her virginity to Sean.

Does KC cheat on Clare?

But she doesn’t notice him holding the gun in his bag. He says he’s sorry for everything and nervously walks away. to her ever again because they used her. The next day in class, K.C. tells Coach Armstrong that he cheated off of Clare on the exam and that it is all his fault.

Does Jenna lose her baby Degrassi?

Being the bubbly, involved student that she is, Jenna was a part of the Power Squad at her school and joined the Degrassi Student Council. Unfortunately, once Jenna became pregnant and gave her baby up for adoption, she lost the bubbly side of her. Jenna is more happy and appreciative of where her life is.