What dates is the Tobago Heritage Festival?

What dates is the Tobago Heritage Festival?

The Tobago Heritage Festival takes place over two weeks from mid-July to Emancipation Day on 1st August. It is an annual celebration of the dance, song, music and cuisine of Tobago, and strives to preserve Tobago’s unique cultural heritage.

What is Tobago Harvest Festival?

Joe,Harvest Festivals are a Christian tradition of the four main Churches in Tobago viz C-of-E(Anglican/Episcopalian),R.C.,Methodists and Moravian.During a Harvest Festival properies are painted up,the church decorated,a lot af baking is done,relatives and friends “visit”and of course Church Services.For instance the …

What are the events in a Tobago harvest?

Each Villages have different events which range from ole time mas, ole time dance, old time wedding, limbo and jig to stick fighting.

How is the Tobago Heritage Festival celebrated?

To know Tobago is to know its deep connection to its culture and history and the best way to do that is through the Tobago Heritage Festival. The annual event is an experiential celebration of the island’s customs and traditions featuring singing, dancing, pulling seine, “dancing the cocoa” and more.

Who created the Tobago Heritage Festival?

J.D. Elder
The Tobago Heritage Festival was first held in 1987. This festival was the brainchild of J.D. Elder, a noted anthropologist who was at that time the Secretary of Culture in the Tobago House of Assembly.

What are some traditions in Tobago?

20 Festivals You Must Experience in Trinidad & Tobago

  • Carnival.
  • Easter Weekend.
  • Phagwa/Holi.
  • Spiritual Baptist/Shouter Liberation Day.
  • Tobago Jazz Festival.
  • Corpus Christi.
  • Tobago Heritage Festival.
  • Emancipation Day.

What are two events that take place in Tobago?

Virtually every aspect of Tobago’s rich history and culture is celebrated throughout the year, with yachting regattas, Emancipation Day, harvest festivals, the annual Heritage Festival and the new Tobago Jazz Experience.

What is Tobago Blue Food Festival?

Background: The Tobago Blue Food Festival is an annual event held in the remote village of Bloody Bay to highlight the indigenous staple root dasheen. The festival which is now in its fourteenth (14th) year attracts thousands of visitors to sample a variety of dishes made from this indigenous root.

What type of music is played at Tobago Heritage festival?

ROXBOROUGH – TRADITIONAL FOLK DANCES AND SONG This cultural show dealt with the Folk Dances of Tobago such as the reel, lancers, jig, heel-toe, bele, quadrille, cotillon and tango. These folk dances highlight the mixture of African and European dance traditions.

Why was the Tobago Heritage festival started?

Beginning in the year 1986 as a pilot project, the festival was conceptualised to preserve the cultural traditions of Tobago and by all means has been doing so each year through selected themes.

What are two occasions that Tobago jig can be performed for?

The reel is danced on many occasions: at the annual wake for the dead, a boat launching, during times of sickness or recovery, evil or hardship and on bachelor’s night before a wedding.