Is admission open in GCU Lahore?

Is admission open in GCU Lahore?

Interested applicants are informed that Government College University, Lahore admissions are open and you can submit the applicaiton at the earliest time. Detailed Application Process, Eligibility criteria, Admission schedule and Contact details are mentioned in the institute’s official advertisement below.

What is the merit for GCU?

GCU Lahore Inter FA, Fsc, Icom Merit List 2020

Computer Science 995
Commerce (I.Com) 891
Arts (Humanities) 850
General Science 835

Is GCU Lahore Co education?

University Overview Officially recognized by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, Government College University, Lahore (GCU) is a medium-sized (uniRank enrollment range: 7,000-7,999 students) coeducational Pakistani higher education institution.

Is GCU Lahore a good university?

GCU is one of the most Beautiful place(university) with the legacy of more than 150 years. Its heritage is its beauty. Umar Kheyam recommends GCU (Government College University) Lahore. GCU Lahore is best place to explore yourself.

How many marks are required for admission in GCU Lahore?

50% Marks
Minimum 50% Marks with following combination in Intermediate. Students who had to appear in 2020, but examination was cancelled due to COVID-19 can apply. Merit will be determined on thae basis of Complete 2 years F.Sc/Equivalent Certificate issued by Boards.

How is GCU Lahore merit calculated?

  1. Formula for calculation of merit. (i) The merit shall be worked out as per the regulations of Pakistan Medical and.
  2. Step – II. Marks obtained in HSSC /Equivalent x 1100 x 0.40 = 40% of HSSC/Equivalent.
  3. Step – III. Marks obtained in Entrance Test /SAT II/MCAT x 1100 x 0.50 = 50% of Admission Test.
  4. Step – IV.
  5. Step – V.

Is GCU better than Pu?

The executive director clarified that the HEC has issued two lists of rankings; the GCU topped the list of university ratings based on only their research output while the PU ranked number second in the country on the list in which the universities were ranked in many areas besides research output – including faculty …

How can I get admission in GC Lahore?

How to Apply?

  1. Please read admission notice, important instructions and e-prospectus carefully for major / group / programme which you want to apply.
  2. Signup to create your online admission application account with a valid email address on Admission Portal.

How do I get admission to GCUF?

ADMISSION CRITERIA The criteria of admission in GCUF are as follows: Candidates seeking admission to the Bachelor’s degree program must have passed FA / F.Sc./ ICS / A level or equivalent from a recognized institution with at least 45% marks or 2nd division on the basis of the respective category of admission.

How do I freeze my semester at GCUF?

A student may discontinue/freeze enrolled semester before appearing in the final examination with the permission of the Vice Chancellor obtained through the respective Directorates i.e. Directorate of Undergraduate & Directorate of Advanced Studies, on the recommendations of the Dean/Coordinator of respective faculty …

What is the motto of GC University Lahore?

It is no coincidence that our motto “Courage to Know” is a call to students and staff members alike to realize their fullest potential and the University’s mission. – Prof. Dr. Asghar Zaidi (T.I) Vice Chancellor Explore our facilities to know all the dimensions of GCU. Explore our facilities to know all the dimensions of GCU.

Is there a Government College in Lahore Pakistan?

The Government College University, Lahore (colloquially known as GCU) is a public research university located in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan . Established in 1861 as the Government College by the British government in India, it opened its doors in 1864.

How big is GC University in New Jersey?

Explore our facilities to know all the dimensions of GCU. Play Now Sin Spins 335+ • • • • • • 26 William Hill New Jersey 2020 Sep You agree that is vital that they are affiliate links above are a doubt it is instant bank transfer Australia.

How to find out the dimensions of GCU?

Explore our facilities to know all the dimensions of GCU. Explore our facilities to know all the dimensions of GCU. Explore our facilities to know all the dimensions of GCU. Explore our facilities to know all the dimensions of GCU.