Can you play Far Cry 4 on a 750 Ti?

Can you play Far Cry 4 on a 750 Ti?

Far Cry 4 is completely playable on a 750 Ti, though you’d want to drop settings a bit (probably close to “low”) for those scenes featuring explosives and high-action. The special “NVIDIA” preset game settings create an environment that features low-hanging fog, cloud-piercing god rays, and AA / AO that make for a beautifully-rendered game.

What kind of graphics card do I need for Far Cry 4?

Looking strictly at FPS and ignoring the next section, everything from the GTX 770 upward is capable of playing Far Cry 4 at 1080p with “Ultra” settings. The GTX 970 would fall right around where the GTX 780 is on our benchmarks. Far Cry 4 has fairly intensive graphics, but the game performs fluidly on all nVidia hardware.

What kind of benchmark is Far Cry 4?

All tests were conducted three times for parity, each using a custom Far Cry 4 graphics benchmark course. We used FRAPS’ benchmark utility for real-time measurement of the framerate, then used FRAFS to analyze the 1% high, 1% low, min, max, and average FPS.

What are the settings for Far Cry 4 fps?

The Far Cry 4 FPS benchmark was conducted using several different settings within the game: a custom “NVIDIA-only” setting, a preset “Ultra” setting, and “very high,” “medium,” and “low” presets.

What are the resolutions for Far Cry 3?

We’ll test Far Cry 3 at three common desktop display resolutions: 1680×1050, 1920×1200 and 2560×1600, using the DX11 mode. For the ultra-quality test, we’ll set the ‘overall quality’ in the video quality menu to ultra while also setting the MSAA level to 4.

What kind of CPU does Far Cry 4 use?

Article Index Far Cry 4 Benchmarked Benchmark: 1680×1050 Benchmark: 1920×1200 Benchmark: 2560×1600 CPU Performance Nvidia has some optimization work ahead

Where does the test start in Far Cry 3?

Our test begins on one of the nearby islands under a radio tower. At the start of the test, a nearby patrol vehicle approaches and is taken out using a sniper rifle, then on foot we run through some dense vegetation to a nearby enemy camp where some hostiles are engaged briefly before the test ends.