How does William Kentridge make his animations?

How does William Kentridge make his animations?

Artist Bio William Kentridge uses drawings to create films. In his works, unlike in traditional animation that employs multiple drawings to denote change and movement, Kentridge erases and alters a single, stable drawing while recording the changes with stop-motion camera work.

What is William Kentridge style and typical work?

Kentridge’s style is also distinctive: His stark, bold charcoal drawings are characterized by frenetic bold black strokes. He also transforms many of his drawings into short animated films, using an idiosyncratic technique known as “stop-action animation.” He will draw, erase and rework the same piece many times.

What is William Kentridge known for?

William Kentridge (born 28 April 1955) is a South African artist best known for his prints, drawings, and animated films. These are constructed by filming a drawing, making erasures and changes, and filming it again.

Why does William Kentridge create his work?

His interest in theater—specifically in acting and design—influenced his artistic style and inspired a desire to connect film and drawing. Kentridge”s drawings, usually rendered using pastels and charcoal, were often created as studies for animated films.

Is William Kentridge white?

‘ Kentridge is an artist of black and white, a printmaker first, who uses drawing, animation, film, theatre, sculpture, opera, and even tapestry, to make compelling works that interrogate some of the darkest corners of history and the human psyche. Once I had that, then the opera became possible.

What materials does William Kentridge use?

In the 90’s, however, it was Kentridge’s use of charcoal as an illustrative medium for film that brought him worldwide attention and acclaim.

Who became famous for making the first animated feature created in Europe?

Cohl became Europe’s first cartoon filmmaker. The animation style Cohl developed saw human figures changing into unexpected images which did away with notions of logical sequence or reality. He used puppets, drawings and cut outs among other objects to create more than 250 films within the period of 1908 and 1923.

Where does William Kentridge come from?

Johannesburg, South Africa
William Kentridge/Place of birth

William Kentridge, (born April 28, 1955, Johannesburg, South Africa), South African graphic artist, filmmaker, and theatre arts activist especially noted for a sequence of hand-drawn animated films he produced during the 1990s.

Who is Justine Mahoney?

Justine Mahoney is a Cape Town-based sculptor working in bronze whose hybrid figures present an alternative mythology for our times. Born in Johannesburg in 1971, her work is deeply informed by the dissonant realities and social fractures of growing up under Apartheid.

What country is Justin Mahoney from?

Artist biography Born in 1971 in Johannesburg, South Africa, Mahoney went on to attend the Johannesburg School of Art, Ballet, Drama, and Music. She received her diploma in Fine Art from the Technikon Witwatersrand in 1991.