How do I check my hours played on Blizzard?

How do I check my hours played on Blizzard?

You can see the total amount of game time active on your account by visiting the Management Account Summary page, and clicking on the World of Warcraft account.

How long is World of Warcraft?

Based on 36 User Ratings

Platform Polled Main
PC 18 37h 54m

Who has the most hours on League of Legends?

Right now, the record of the most time spent in League of Legends is held by Pensieve, an account on the Korean server. According to the site, this account has played for 14,403 hours, equal to 600 days’ time. The second highest is currently in Turkey with 12,319 hours, equal to 513 days.

Who has the most hours on CSGO?

Most Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Playtime Ladder (Worldwide)

# Steam ID Playtime (H)
1 Conusoid 71,044
3 CHESS 61,413
4 AERViANCE 60,785

When did World of Warcraft release?

November 23, 2004
World of Warcraft/Initial release dates

How much did blizzard cost?

Easily visualize how much money you’ve spent on Blizzard games. A simple extension that will total up the available purchases found on You must be logged in to to view the amount.

How many hours does faker have in league?

2,467 hours
Global superstar and T1 mid laner Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, on his famous “hide on bush” account, has played for 2,467 hours, or 103 days.

How many LoL players are there?

League of Legends has a total of 150 million registered players. Over 117 Million players are actively playing monthly and 10 – 11 active players daily.

How many hours does Stewie2k have?

Cloud9 average 66.28 hours

Player Steam Profile Hours/CSGO Past 2 Weeks
shroud 45.8 hours
skadoodle 66.7 hours
Stewie2k 65.3 hours
autimatic 74.4 hours

How to see how much time you have played World of Warcraft?

I’m curious to see how much /played you guys have across all of your chars. The easiest way to do this is to use the Altoholic addon. Just log in to all of your toons briefly and the addon will tell you the total time played.

How does Playtime work in World of Warcraft?

Playtime is a minimal addon to keep track of and print total playtime across all characters. Nothing more. No dependencies, and unlikely to break with future versions of World of Warcraft. Character playtime is stored on login/logout per character, and you can print total playtime using /playtime.

What does allplayed do on World of Warcraft?

AllPlayed displays the total time played, rested XP and money for each of your WoW characters. It’s just a snapshot of the current state, no history, no stats. You can look at the total time you have played WoW and be proud (or afraid ;-)).

How can I see how much time my character has played?

You can see how much time your character has played since creation by using the /played command in the chat in-game. Repeat this for all of the characters that you’d like to get the time played for and add them together. You can also Request a Copy of your Data to receive additional information.