What is the easiest thing to draw?

What is the easiest thing to draw?

Flowers are the most easiest and common things to draw. The roses, tulips, orchids , require nothing more than a few petals and leaves. From a nursery kid’s drawing book to an art gallery, flowers give inspiration to all ages.

How do you draw a cartoon character?

Start Drawing Your Cartoon Begin drawing your cartoon character by drawing the head. It should be a nice, round circle. Add a smaller circle for the character’s tummy below the first circle. Add circles and ovals for hands and feet and join them with stick legs and curving line for the arms.

How do you make art on your computer?

Making Word Art With a Computer Program Locate the Insert tab and then the word art section. Look through the word art styles. Make a custom word art style. Choose a style and enter in your text. Rotate the word art, if desired.

How do you draw a cartoon bunny?

Drawing a Cartoon Bunny Draw a small circle for the head. Sketch two small oblongs on the lower half of the circle for the cheeks. Sketch a rough outline for the hands and feet. Draw the eyes using small circles, add the nose by sketching an inverted triangle, sketch the mouth and add the tooth. Darken the outline of the bunny’s body.

What are cool things to draw?

Strawberries are the cool and tasty thing to draw for the kids. Draw a one for them and teach them to draw others with the help of dots. Fish Kids are too fond of fishes. If you think they are getting bored, you can involve them in drawing colorful fishes.

How to draw a cute birthday cake?

1.Draw a thin rectangle first, then draw the outline of the cake above. 2.Draw a birthday candle on the top, as shown above. 3.Draw three arcs on the cake for decoration, you can also follow your own ideas. 4.Draw four circles on the cake, like slices of some kind of fruit.

What are things to draw?

– Modern Art – Fine Sketch On the number 2 we have placed some really cool sketches. Sketches bit different from drawings.