What is the coolest Hoenn starter?

What is the coolest Hoenn starter?

Mudkip, considering stats, in-game competitors, and weaknesses, is the best starter for Hoenn. When Mega Swampert makes an appearance, beware. Its boosted Attack stat will make this Pokémon a scary opponent for any Gym Leader, Elite Four Member, or Champion.

What is the best fully evolved starter?

On that note, we’ve rated the top ten fully-evolved starter Pokémon with the highest base Speed.

  1. 1 Greninja (122 Base Speed)
  2. 2 Inteleon (120 Base Speed)
  3. 3 Partner Pikachu (120 Base Speed)
  4. 4 Sceptile (120 Base Speed)
  5. 5 Cinderace (Base 119 Speed)
  6. 6 Serperior (Base 114 Speed)
  7. 7 Infernape (Base 108 Speed)

What is the most popular Hoenn starter?

Mudkip was the most popular starter Pokémon of the Hoenn region.

What is the strongest starter in Gen 3?

Swampert is highly recognized as the “strongest” starter Pokemon for it’s highest stat total out of any starter Pokemon, that being 535 while other starters usually have 530.

Which is better Torchic or Treecko?

Treecko has 40 more starting stat points for speed than Torchic and has double the starting speed of Mudkip. Treecko also gains the most from its Mega Evolution. When evolved to Mega Sceptile, the Pokémon becomes a dragon type which is arguably the strongest Pokémon type in the game.

Which Hoenn starter is best for a Nuzlocke?

Hoenn: Mudkip None of your strongest opponents will ever really have Super Effective moves against you through your Nuzlocke run — save for your rival’s Treecko— meaning critical hits are going to be your only real threat.

Who is the most popular Sinnoh starter?

Akin to how the Water-type Mudkip was the most popular Hoenn starter, Piplup was the numer-one favored starter of the Sinnoh region in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl.

What is the cutest Starter Pokémon?

The cutest Pokémon starter is Sobble, the Water-type starter of the Galar region in Pokémon Sword and Shield.

What is the most popular starter?

3,957 players voted their preferences, which include some familiar faces for Pokémon fans. Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Mudkip and Charmander were ranked as the top choices, or ‘S’ rank, for starters by the Pokémon community.