What is Microsoft EdgeSuite net?

What is Microsoft EdgeSuite net?

edgesuit.net is a domain for Akamai CDN, that Microsoft uses. It’s common for large files to be served over CDNs. You can verify this by checking the WHOIS of the domain.

What is EdgeSuite net used for?

EdgeSuite (Akamai) is to a Content Delivery Network (CDN) domain, owned by Akamai Technologies. It can be any kind of traffic, but usually is static data used by applications, e.g. images, videos, but sometimes also software updates. This SonicWALL signature identifies all HTTP traffic to EdgeSuite.net domain.

Is Officecdn legit?

No, it is not a scam. If you inspect the source code of the page, you will notice that there are more than 100 links from the same domain.

What is Akamai staging?

Before you go live and start serving traffic through the Akamai production network, it’s a good idea to activate your property on the Akamai edge staging network (commonly referred to as staging ), point your browser to an edge server, and then preview and test your property’s configuration.

What website is Edgesuite net?

Here’s the answer: Edgesuite.net is run by Akamai Technologies (www.akamai.com). Akamai is a content delivery network (CDN) that is used by a large percentage of Internet sites (something like a ⅓ to ½ of all traffic goes through Akamai).

Is Helpfuldownloads legit?

There is a website ‘www.helpfuldownloads.com’ selling fake Office365 licenses. They appear to be authentic but are ripping consumers off and not providing a real Microsoft license. The links below list several customers who have also experience this scam.

Is Akamaized Net Safe?

this is Akamai server, Microsoft uses this company servers for software distribution and other purposes. So it is safe.

How do you test Akamai staging?

Open a browser and request that domain. Confirm that the response headers show X-Akamai-Staging: ESSL or X-Akamai-Staging: EdgeSuite , indicating that the request is going to the staging Edge server.

What are Akamai properties?

Akamai’s Property Manager application allows customers and partners to reproduce network user behaviors by leveraging a simple rule architecture based on matching criteria with behaviors. Property Manager offers built-in rule templates, based on proven experience, and context sensitive online help.

Is Pcsalesonline com legit?

PC Sales Online had excellent reviews… PC Sales Online had excellent reviews from the Better Business Bureau and great reviews by customers on that site. The download was fast and smooth and you can’t beat their price!

Is Softonic safe Reddit?

The short is “no” it is not safe. Do not use that site.

What is Akamaihd net on Iphone?

akamaihd.net, a content-delivery network used by companies like Ubisoft, Twitter and Facebook to speed up their services. edgesuite.net. edgekey.net. srip.net[34][35] akamaitechnologies.com, a content-delivery network used by companies like Adobe.