What happened between Luis Fonsi and Adamari Lopez?

What happened between Luis Fonsi and Adamari López?

In 2006, López and Fonsi announced they would be getting married during the summer of that year. They were married on June 3, 2006, in Puerto Rico. On November 8, 2009, Adamari López and Luis Fonsi released a joint statement where they announced they were separating. They were divorced on November 8, 2010.

Is Adamari López still with to Tony Costa?

Four months ago, since May, that Tony Costa And Adamari Lopez They decided to end their relationship. Although both announced their breakup on social networks, they never explained the reasons and preferred to keep it to themselves.

Why did Adamari López separate from her husband?

The reason why Adamari López confirmed her separation from Toni Costa is revealed. It seems Adamari López announced her separation to divert attention from an alleged surgery. Some media say that she sacrificed herself so as to not lose a millionaire contract.

Is Adamaris Lopez still married?

After 10 years of relationship Adamari Lopez and the dancer Toni Costa they ended their marriage. Since it went viral in May, entertainment programs and magazines have not stopped talking about this news, and details continue to be revealed to this day that reveal more aspects of the extinct relationship.

Did Adamari López lose weight?

“The sessions with my WW coach help me a lot to stay motivated and focused, and I have already lost more than 20 pounds,” she says. After losing weight, Lopez says she feels more agile and energetic, rests much better, and has noticed how her mood has improved.

Who is Toni Costa dating?

Toni Costa met the love of his life “And he tells Adamari and actually introduces him to his boyfriend. His name is Ángel Jesús Gallego, who is Colombian.

How old is Adamari López?

50 years (18 May 1971)
Adamari López/Age

What does Adamari López earn?

Adamari López Net Worth: Adamari López is an American novelist who has a net worth of $5 million. Adamari López Torres (aka Adamari López) was born May 18, 1971 in Humacao, Puerto Rico. She is best known for her roles in several Puerto Rican and Mexican soap operas.

How old is Adamaris?

Is adamari Lopez separated from her husband?

Today I want to share with you that I have decided to separate from Toni. I know it is difficult news to communicate and assimilate, but as I have always done everything with the honesty that characterizes me, I prefer you heard from me,” said the artist on her Instagram account.