What episode of Still Game is Martin in?

What episode of Still Game is Martin in?

“Still Game” Brief (TV Episode 2003) – IMDb.

What episode is pickled Boaby in Still Game?

A Fresh Lick
“A Fresh Lick” is the second episode of the fifth series of Still Game.

How many episodes of Still Game are there?

Still Game/Number of episodes

Did they actually go to Canada in Still Game?

The show was filmed on the Canadian side.

Why is Still Game called Still Game?

The title refers to the antics of two Glaswegian pensioners named Jack Jarvis and Victor McDade. Set in Craiglang, a fictional district of Glasgow, the show follows the lives of Jack, Victor and their various friends. It was not until the fourth series that Still Game was given a national broadcast on BBC Two.

Who did Winston marry in Still Game?

Still Game fans hail latest episode as ‘best in years’ as Winston and Winnie tie the knot with the help of Jack and Victor and pals.

What happened to TAMS baby in Still Game?

The pair behind iconic show revealed that Tam’s baby had to “disappear up into the attic” when Still Game was renewed after a seven year absence. “It wouldn’t have made sense to people watching for the first time,” explained Greg. So unfortunately Tam and his wean had to disappear up into the attic.”

Why is still game called Still Game?

Does Winston in Still Game really have one leg?

Winston wears a prosthetic leg, due to having it amputated due to his smoking habit.

Why did still game stop?

The series their returned as a live theatre show at Glasgow’s SSE Hyrdo, called Still Game: The Story So Far. Still Game premiered in 2002 and game to an end in 2007 after actor Ford Kieran and Greg Hemphill fell out. The comedy duo did not speak for seven years but managed to get their friendship back on track.

Where is Greg Hemphill now?

Greg, who has two sons with Julie, and has been staying in Elie, Fife in lockdown after selling up the family home he had in Glasgow, showed off his plate much to the amusement of fans.

Who is Greg Hemphill wife?

Julie Wilson Nimmom. 1999
Greg Hemphill/Wife