How many Bible collection movies are there?

How many Bible collection movies are there?

The Bible Collection from TNT. Complete 12 DVD Set includes: Jeremiah, Solomon, Genesis, Esther, Paul the Apostle, The Apocalypse, Samson and Delilah, Moses, Joseph, Jacob, David, and Abraham.

How accurate are the Bible collection movies?

About 99.9% Bible Accurate. Great movie and tells the true story of David. I highly recommend this true to life movie.

Is the Bible collection on Netflix?

Sorry, The Bible: The Epic Miniseries is not available on American Netflix, but you can unlock it right now in the USA and start watching! With a few simple steps you can change your Netflix region to a country like Canada and start watching Canadian Netflix, which includes The Bible: The Epic Miniseries.

Where can I watch Bible movies?

Watch Bible Movies Free Online at or on our YouTube Channel at Watch Free bible movies about Moses, Jesus, The Book of Acts. Free bible movies about Ruth, Abraham, Elijah, Samson, Joseph, King David, Solomon.

Is there a movie for every book of the Bible?

For the first time all 66 books of the Bible have been produced as a word-for-word Bible Movie made up by combining over 2,000 movie titles, public domain works, orphan works, archive clips and over 1,000 stock footage clips reedited into one new derivative work.

Is there a movie about the Book of Revelations?

The film is adapted from the 2000 psychological fiction novel by Damien Broderick, Rory Barnes, and Rupert Thomson….The Book of Revelation (film)

The Book of Revelation
Directed by Ana Kokkinos
Written by Rupert Thomson (novel) Ana Kokkinos Andrew Bovell
Produced by Al Clark

Is there a movie based on the Bible?

Movies inspired by the Good Book—aka the Bible—have been around throughout cinema history. In fact, some of the biggest big screen works have focused on Bible tales about figures such as Noah, Moses, and—of course—Jesus Christ. They’ve run the gamut from family-friendly flicks to more mature film offerings.

Who produced the Bible collection?

The Bible Collection is a series of films produced for the TNT television network, starting with Abraham in April 1994 and ending with Thomas in April 2001. The Bible Collection consists of a 27-part miniseries in 17 volumes….Bible Collection.

Language English

What network is the bible on?

The Bible (miniseries)

The Bible
Distributor 20th Century Fox Television
Budget Under $22 million
Original network History

What does the Bible say about TV and movies?

But If You Do … The Bible never comes right out and says what to do with movies. Moses didn’t bring back a commandment that said, “Thou shalt not watch any R-rated film (unless thine film be titled Passion of the Christ).” Jesus never explicitly spoke about Hollywood.