Is Centenary State High School a good school?

Is Centenary State High School a good school?

Centenary State High School is a highly regarded co-educational school of over 1200 students, located in the Centenary Suburbs in Brisbane’s west….CENTENARY STATE HIGH SCHOOL.

Religion None
Years Year 7 – Year 12
Enrolment Approximately 1200 Students
Fees Free (Government School)
Phone 07 3373*******

How many students are at Centenary State High School?

1700 students
Welcome to Centenary State High School Our School is a co-educational school of 1700 students, located in the beautiful, leafy Centenary area of Brisbane.

How old is Centenary State High School?

Centenary State High School is a high quality state high school located in Brisbane’s leafy, western suburb of Jindalee. Opened in 1999 the school has over 1700 students.

When did centenary high school open?

Centenary State High School./Founded

Is Wynnum State High a good school?

Wynnum State High School has performed at an average to above average level in NAPLAN results. As a school, its focus on achievement (particularly in music and sport) is closely tied into community activity and engagement. It’s a good choice for parents who want to raise community focused adults.

What is the best school in Queensland 2020?

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Better Education Rank School Median ATAR
1 Queensland Academy for Science Mathematics and Technology,Toowong,QLD,4066
2 Brisbane Grammar School,Brisbane,QLD,4000 94.6
3 Brisbane State High School,South Brisbane,QLD,4101 92.65
4 St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School,Ascot,QLD,4007

Is San Sisto College a private school?

SAN SISTO COLLEGE, CARINA | Private Schools Guide.

What’s the postcode for Wynnum?

Wynnum/Postal codes

Is San Sisto College a good school?

school is lacking support for students, the teachers treat students bad. San Sisto College is a lovely school that has welcomed me into my first year. I am almost a year 8 now and I love the college’s friendly environment and the welcoming staff and students.

How many students go to Jindalee State School?

Our school is a co-educational primary school in the western Centenary area of Brisbane. Built in 1966, the school grew with the suburb and now has an enrolment of 800 students from Prep through to Year 6. The school has taken a community and educational leadership role in developing a high-quality curriculum aimed at academic excellence.

Where is centenary state high school in Brisbane?

Centenary State High School is a high demand school set amongst natural bushland yet close to all the amenities of Brisbane city. Our modern buildings, including state of the art sports and performing arts facilities, support an innovative learning environment.

What makes centenary state high school so good?

Centenary State High School has world-class facilities and high teaching standards, including excellent joint programs with the surrounding universities. Centenary not only shows a keen interest in continuous teaching development, but is also aware that students need the resources to do so.