What is the meaning of fotos?

What is the meaning of fotos?

noun. photo [noun] a photograph. picture [noun] a photograph.

What’s the meaning of photogenic?

1 : produced or precipitated by light photogenic dermatitis. 2 : producing or generating light : phosphorescent photogenic bacteria. 3 : suitable for being photographed especially because of visual appeal a photogenic smile.

What is photo science?

word-forming element meaning “light” or “photographic” or “photoelectric,” from Greek photo-, combining form of phōs (genitive phōtos) “light” (from PIE root *bha- (1) “to shine”).

What does the word syn mean?

a prefix occurring in loanwords from Greek, having the same function as co- (synthesis; synoptic); used, with the meaning “with,” “together,” in the formation of compound words (synsepalous) or “synthetic” in such compounds (syngas). Also sy-, syl-, sym-, sys-.

What language is Bilder?

What does bilder mean in Swedish?

bildbar bilda veck
bilda slagg bilda skorpa på
bildas bilda rät vinkel
bilderbok bildgalleri
bildhantering bildhuggar

Is fotos a word?

n., pl. -tos. a photograph.

Who is a photogenic person?

The definition of photogenic is someone or something that photographs well and looks good on camera. A person who always looks great in pictures is an example of someone who would be described as photogenic. That looks or is likely to look attractive in photographs.

Is photo an English word?

Meaning of photo in English a photograph: She took lots of photos of the kids.

What is the difference between photo and picture?

Photo or photograph – Anything taken by a camera, digital camera, or photocopier. Picture – A drawing, painting, or artwork created on a computer. A picture is also used to describe anything created using a camera or scanner.

What is the Greek word for Syn?

syn- comes from Greek, where it has the meaning “with; together. ” This meaning is found in such words as: idiosyncrasy, photosynthesis, synagogue, synchronize, synchronous, synonym, synthesis.