What is area code of Amritsar?

What is area code of Amritsar?

The STD code of Amritsar in Punjab is 0183.

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How many pins are there in Amritsar?

Amritsar District Pin Code List

Office Taluk Pincode
Amritsar G.P.O. Amritsar 143001
Amritsar Kty NA 143001
Arjan Manga NA 143114
Assarapur Amritsar- II 143108

What’s my ZIP Postal Code?

Dhaka Division

District Thana Post Code
Dhaka Dhaka 1206
Dhaka Dhamrai 1350
Dhaka Dhamrai 1351
Dhaka Dhanmondi 1209

What is the area code in PAN card?

AO Code is a combination of Area Code, AO Type, Range Code and AO Number. Applicants for PAN are required to provide the AO code in their application. This information can be obtained from the Income Tax Office. Applicants may search their AO Codes on the basis of description wherever provided.

What is STD code Punjab?

Punjab STD Codes

City STD Code ISD Code
Chandigarh 0172 091-172
Dasua 01883 091-1883
Dinanagar 01875 091-1875
Faridkot 01639 091-1639

What is the Pincode of Ajnala Amritsar?

Ajnala/Zip codes

Which district is Amritsar?

Amritsar district is one of the 23 districts that make up the Indian state of Punjab. Located in the Majha region of Punjab, the city of Amritsar is the headquarters of this district….

Amritsar district
• Total 2,683 km2 (1,036 sq mi)
Population (2011)
• Total 2,490,656
• Density 930/km2 (2,400/sq mi)