Is Rahul Ravi married?

Is Rahul Ravi married?

Rahul Ravi
Occupation Actor, model , Television Host
Years active 2013–present
Spouse(s) Lakshmi S Nair
Parent(s) Ravi Rami Kshema

How old is Rahul Ravi?

32 years (December 21, 1988)
Rahul Ravi/Age

Where is Rahul Ravi born?

Thrissur, India
Rahul Ravi/Place of birth

Is Rahul Ravi Malayalam?

Rahul Ravi is popular celebrity among Malayalam Film Actors, Malayalam Television Actors, Tamil film actors, Tamil Television Actors, also famous for Dolls (Debut)….Wiki / Biography.

Name Rahul Ravi
Nationality Indian
Profession Film and Television Actor, Model
Origin Not Sure

Who is Rahul Ravindran wife?

Chinmayim. 2014
Rahul Ravindran/Wife

When did Nithya Ram born?

January 31, 1990 (age 31 years)
Nithya Ram/Date of birth

Who is the director of Kannana Kanne serial?

Kannana Kanne
Directed by Dhanush
Creative directors K V Kiran Kumar R.R. Eshwar
Starring Nimeshika Radhakrishnan Rahul Ravi
Theme music composer Sam C.S

Who is Ravindran producer?

R Ravindran is an Indian film Producer, who has worked predominantly in Tamil movie industry. R has worked in popular movies like Enna Solla Pogirai, Action. R’s previous film to hit the theatres was Enna Solla Pogirai in the year 2021.

Who is elder Rachitha RAM or nithya RAM?

Nithya Ram is an Indian television actress and model who works in Kannada, Tamil , Malayalam and Telugu soap operas and a few films. She is the elder sister of actress Rachita Ram. …

Who is Rachitha sister?

Nithya Ram
Rachita Ram/Sisters

Who will marry Yuva Kannana serial?

Meera’s step mother and her aunt plan to get her married to Yuva and convince everyone to agree. Meera’s father agrees and the wedding happens. Happily married Yuva and Meera go to Yuva’s house but Yuva’s father does not accept their marriage.