What other jobs are nurses good at?

What other jobs are nurses good at?

Alternative jobs for nurses

  • Medical Biller.
  • Health Writer.
  • Nutritionist.
  • Health Service Administrator.
  • Health Researcher.
  • Medical Sales Executive.
  • Nurse Consultant.
  • Clinical Nurse Educator.

What jobs do nurses do when they leave nursing?

Here are some nonclinical career options for nurses who wish to make a change:

  • Health care administration.
  • Medical writer.
  • Medical legal consultant.
  • Medical sales.
  • Patient advocate.
  • Health care staffing.

What jobs do nurses do in hospitals?

Here are some of the common types of nursing jobs in a hospital:

  • Medical-Surgical Nurses. Medical-surgical nursing is one of the most common types of nursing.
  • Critical Care Nurse.
  • Post Anesthesia Care Nursing.
  • Oncology Nurse.
  • Neuroscience Nurse.
  • Labor and Delivery Nurse.
  • Pain Management Nurse.
  • Rheumatology Nurse.

Can I be a nurse and not work in a hospital?

Non-hospital settings allow RNs to work more traditional hours and pursue opportunities in different workplaces. Popular areas where nurses can find employment outside of hospitals include ambulatory health services, nursing and residential care facilities, and educational institutions.

What are good second careers for nurses?

Alternative nursing careers you may not know about

  • Public health nurse.
  • School nurse.
  • Nurse educator.
  • Nurse life-care planner.
  • Home health nurse.
  • Telemedicine nurse.
  • Nursing informatics.

What’s the most stressful nursing job?

Most Stressful Nursing Positions

  • Critical Care Nurse. This role experiences a significant amount of stress.
  • Emergency Department Nurses.
  • Neonatal ICU.
  • Operation Room Nursing.
  • Oncology Nursing.
  • ICU Nurses.
  • Psychiatric Nursing.
  • Final Words on the Most Stressful Nursing Jobs.

Which hospital departments require nurses most?

Most Popular Nursing Departments in Hospitals

  • Anesthesiology.
  • Critical-care.
  • Cardiology.
  • Geriatrics.
  • Obstetric & Gynecological (OB-GYN)
  • Oncology.
  • Pediatrics.
  • Surgery and transplantation.