How do I invoke PrimeTime?

How do I invoke PrimeTime?

PT may be invoked in the command-line mode using the command pt_shell or in the GUI mode through the command primetime.

What is Synopsys PrimeTime?

Synopsys’ PrimeTime static timing analysis tool provides a single, golden, trusted signoff solution for timing, signal integrity, power and variation-aware analysis.

What is PrimeTime DMSA?

PrimeTime provides analysis of the latch-based designs used in power-sensitive applications. DMSA allows designers to run distributed timing analysis simultaneously across multiple scenarios, thereby reducing overall turnaround time.

What is PrimeTime px?

PrimeTime PX expands the PrimeTime timing and signal integrity analysis solution to deliver highly accurate dynamic and leakage power analysis for designs at 90 nanometers (nm) and below.

What is PrimeTime tool?

PrimeTime is a Static Timing Analysis (STA) tool from Synopsys. This is a simple description to use PrimeTime for VLSI class project. In Project #6, you will learn to find critical path using PrimeTime from your synthesized Verilog code.

What means PrimeTime?

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What is PrimeTime?

The prime time or the peak time is the block of broadcast programming taking place during the middle of the evening for a television show. It is more targeted towards adults. It is used by the major television networks to broadcast their season’s nightly programming.

What is PrimeTime used for?

PrimeTime is a stand-alone static timing analysis tool, which is based on the universally adopted EDA tool language, Tcl. A brief section is included on the Tcl language in context of PrimeTime, to facilitate the designer in writing PrimeTime scripts and building upon them to produce complex scripts.

What is Saif file in VLSI?

The SAIF file contains information about static probability and toggle rates of the nets. It does not contain any information about the simulation vectors used to generate the activities. To compute power, Power Compiler executes a 0-delay simulation using a set of simulation vectors that it generates.

What is power artist?

PowerArtist is the industry-leading RTL power analysis and reduction software with the most comprehensive features to enable power-efficient design early in the design flow. Contact Us. ANALYZE, DEBUG, REDUCE.

What is PrimeTime VLSI?

What is PrimeTime in school?

PrimeTime provides a safe place for elementary and middle school age youth to experience academic enrichment and recreational activities during the hours before and after the regular school day. The programs are designed to create an enthusiasm for learning. Programs are located in participating school sites.

What are the topics of the Primetime Synopsys workshop?

The workshop will address a number of signoff / timing closure topics including Path Based Analysis (PBA), CCS Time and Noise Libraries, Parametric On Chip Variation (POCV), Advanced Waveform Propagation (AWP), ECO What-if analysis, Distributed Multi Scenario Analysis (DMSA) and Hyperscale Analysis.

How are eco steps used in primetime Synopsys?

Using (Physically Aware) ECO steps, to fix Timing, DRC and Noise violations and to reduce power Address handling of a large number of scenarios and very large designs using respectively the techniques of Distributed Multi Scenario Analysis (DMSA) and Hyperscale Analysis

What can I do with the PrimeTime tool?

In this workshop you will learn to perform Static Timing Analysis (STA) and Signal Integrity (SI) analysis using the PrimeTime Suite of tools.

How to do static timing analysis in primetime?

List the sequence of steps needed for Static Timing Analysis flow in PrimeTime Verify design constraints, look for untested timing checks and address the issues using a Job Aid Systematically generate and interpret reports for summary and detailed design/timing information