Is Victor Valley College a good school?

Is Victor Valley College a good school?

Victor Valley College is a very dependable college for transfers. They have some of the best counselors who guide you. This is highly recommended if you’re considering going to a community before transferring!

How do I get a VVC student ID?

VVC ID CARD After you have registered for classes, take a valid I.D. and a copy of your VVC Registration Statement to the Associated Student Body Office (ASB) in Bldg 44 to receive your VVC ID/ASB card.

How do I drop a class in VVC?

If you need to DROP A CLASS, you can do that using WebAdvisor once Priority Registration is over. If you don’t know the dates for Priority Registration for the current term, you can view the Registration Dates for current and/or upcoming terms here.

How do I access my VVC email?

How to Login to Your Student Email Account

  1. In the ‘Email’ field, enter your WebAdvisor User ID @
  2. In the ‘Password’ field, enter your Date of Birth in MmmDDYYYY!
  3. Google will welcome you to your new account – scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  4. Type the text shown in the image and click I accept.

What does VVC mean?


Acronym Definition
VVC Virtual Value Chain
VVC Voltage-Var Control
VVC Victims of Violent Crime
VVC Verification, Validation and Certification

How much is tuition at VVC?

In-state tuition 1,424 USD, Out-of-state tuition 9,164 USD (2019 – 20)
Victor Valley College/Undergraduate tuition and fees

Does VVC offer cosmetology?

School information Victor Valley Beauty College is located in Victorville, CA. This school offers 4 programs which provide training for 2 qualifications , including California Cosmetology License and California Cosmetology License (Barber).

What is my VVC password?

Your ‘temporary’ password is based on your birthday. It consists of the first three letters of the month with only the first letter capitalized, followed by the two digit day and four digit year.

How do I reset my VVC email password?

If you have forgotten your password, enter your email address in the field and click Reset password. You will receive a new password and a link to sign in. You will be able to change the password later.

What is VVC pattern?

quote. *VVC=vowel, vowel, consonant *VC=vowel, consonant *VCC=vowel, consonant, consonant *VCe=vowel, consonant ending in ‘e’.