What was a Panzer Division in World War 2?

What was a Panzer Division in World War 2?

A panzer division was one of the armored (tank) divisions in the Wehrmacht of Nazi Germany during World War II. Panzer divisions were the key element of German success in the blitzkrieg operations of the early years of World War II.

What was the German equivalent of a Infantry Division?

The World War II German equivalent of a mechanized infantry division is Panzergrenadierdivision (‘armored infantry division’). This is similar to a panzer division, but with a higher proportion of infantry and assault guns and fewer tanks.

How many German tanks were on the Western Front?

George Patton’s G-2 shop estimated that as of March 17, total German tank strength on the western front amounted to the equivalent of a single full-strength panzer division.1 As of March 31, the entire force of panzers and assault guns in Third Army’s sector was estimated at only 55 vehicles, all opposite XX Corps in the Fulda area.2

When did the 2d Armored reach the Elbe river?

The 2d Armored reached the Elbe River late on April 11 and slipped armored infantry across; doughs of the 83d Division reached the east bank of the river on April 13.

A panzer division is one of the armored (tank) divisions in the Wehrmacht of Nazi Germany during World War II.

Who was the commander of the German 11th Panzer Division?

In the closing days of World War II, the German 11th Panzer Division took an unconventional road to surrender. It was an impressive sight. Upon the reviewing stand as honored guest was General Dwight D. Eisenhower, supreme commander of Allied forces in Europe.

What was the strength of the Waffen SS Panzer Divisions?

Waffen SS Panzer Divisions 1943-1945 Wehrmacht Panzer Division (mid-1942)- Wehrmacht Panzer Division (1944) Waffen SS Panzer Division (1944) Unit Strength in 1939/40- Numbering System in Panzer Divisions Strength of the most important Division types of the German Field Army in 1939 Tank Strength of Panzer Divisions

How many Sturmgeschutz did the Panzer Division have?

The Panzerjäger (Anti-Tank) battalion had two assault gun companies in addition to a heavy anti-tank company (towed). Each of the two Sturmgeschütz companies had 15 Sturmgeschütz. The towed anti-tank company had 12 – 7,5 cm Pak 40. The K.St.N. authorized twelve Sd.Kfz.3 or Sd.Kfz.11 for towing the guns.