How much is an antique sheet music cabinet worth?

How much is an antique sheet music cabinet worth?

Antique Sheet Music Cabinet Costs Cabinets that bear some sign of aging, but otherwise have all of their components intact, cost anywhere between $2,000-$7,000, with some newer examples costing less.

What is a music cabinet?

The antique music cabinet was originally made to store sheet music when home entertainment involved playing music and using instruments such as the violin or piano. They are lovely pieces of antique furniture and can be the ideal practical storage for paperwork, papers or magazines.

How much does old sheet music cost?

Most common examples sell in the $3 to $5 range today in antique malls and sometimes for even less via internet auctions. For instance, it’s not uncommon to find lots of 25 to 30 pieces of sheet music selling online for $10 or less for the entire lot.

How do you store vintage sheet music?

Storage- Try to get hold of acid free/non reacitve clear breathable wallets and place each sheet in a separate one. Store them flat and preferably in a document box made from acid free card. Breathable clear wallets are porous, thus preventing damp and sweating that some papers are prone to.

What old sheet music is valuable?

Here’s what some of the most valuable sheet music has sold for at auction….What is the most valuable sheet music?

Sheet Music Sold Price
Civil War Confederate Sheet Music (various composers) $4,465
Hound Dog (Elvis Presley) $1,062

How can I protect my sheet music?

Remove paper clips, rubber bands and other foreign objects. Repair tears and reinforce the fold with reversible heat-set tissue or Japanese paper and wheat paste. Binders provide protection for sheet music; binders with pockets will help to keep the parts together.

What kind of Music cabinets are for sale?

For sale is a good quality Victorian mahogany inlaid Art Nouveau music cabinet, having a raised inlaid gallery above a hinged lid, opening to reveal a lire shaped music holder above Antique Edwardian C1910 mahogany music cabinet cupboard.

When did the Victorian music cabinet come out?

Victorian ebonized music cabinet, Late 1890s Victorian era ebonized music cabinet. Incised design in front and sides. 2 doors reveal additional storage. A stunning Art Nouveau antique music cabinet (circa 1890) of exceptional quality and extreme rarity.

How big is an antique American oak music stand?

Highly adjustable to suit a variety of Antique American oak music stand, c.1900 Nice music stand with two sides to hold sheet music. There is no sheet music storage – these are not lift-top stands. Dimensions 15″…

How old is an English Bamboo Music Cabinet?

English bamboo and lacquer music cabinet, with the interior having five shelves. The legs stand on the original four castors. The sides are veneered with molded paper. Antique Edwardian mahogany music cabinet cupboard, C1910. This is a lovely item, that is full of age, charm and character. Solid, with no loose joints or wobbles. Lovely pat…