Is Tony Stark an ACDC fan?

Is Tony Stark an ACDC fan?

Iron Man: AC/DC Being Tony Stark’s Favorite Band Is Important to the MCU. Although Iron Man shares the same name as the famous song by heavy metal pioneers Black Sabbath, fans know that Tony Stark’s favorite band is the legendary hard rock act AC/DC.

Why is ACDC in Iron Man?

And according to director Jon Favreau, the music of AC/DC is well suited for Tony Stark himself; leading the to the band’s appearance within the film. “He’s Iron Man, he’s Tony Stark, he’s going to go a million miles an hour,” Favreau explained to The Los Angeles Times. That’s the Tony Stark version of doing things.”

Who is the best singer in ACDC?

prepare for the show that will deliver the monstrous live album If You Want Blood You’ve Got It, then shunts forward in time to tell the chaotic story of Bon Scott’s final tour. Buy it now. Bon Scott was AC/DC’s original and greatest singer – and that’s with all due respect to his successor, Brian Johnson.

How can I be like Natasha Romanoff?


  1. Study movies to see how Natasha acts. The movies give a good idea to her personality and background, and show her in some of her ‘weaker’ moments.
  2. Take no disrespect. If someone insults you, think of something you can say back.
  3. Don’t gossip. Only share close information with your closest friends.