How much does CEO of Smile Train earn?

How much does CEO of Smile Train earn?

Executives Listed on Filing

Name Title Total Salary
Susannah Schaefer EXECUTIVE VICE CHAIR AND CEO $430,663
William Horan Chief Operating Officer $218,074
Troy Reinhart Senior VP, Development $212,860
Beatriz Gonzalez VP, Finance $200,412

Is Smile Train a legitimate organization?

Smile Train is currently listed as a 2019 Top-Rated Nonprofit with 4.5 stars out of 5.

Is Smile Train and Operation Smile the same organization?

When Operation Smile and a similar charity, Smile Train, announced that they were merging earlier this month, many considered it a sign that the two organizations, which work to repair cleft lips and palates of children in poor countries, had set aside longstanding differences.

How much of a donation actually goes to Smile Train?


Element Percentage
Administrative $2,881,509.00
Fundraising $19,634,793.00
Program $60,245,075.00

Who is the CEO of Smile Train?

Susannah Schaefer
Susannah Schaefer is Executive Vice Chair, President & Chief Executive Officer of Smile Train, an international organization focused on empowering local medical professionals to provide free cleft lip and/or palate surgery and comprehensive cleft care to children globally.

Where does the money go for Smile Train?

Smile Train empowers its medical professionals to provide free comprehensive cleft care to children around the world. Each donation helps local in-country partner surgeons transform the lives of children living with untreated cleft lips and palates, with only a small portion funding marketing and overhead.

Is Smile Train an NGO?

Smile Train is the largest cleft-focused global NGO with a sustainable model of treatment through empowering local medical professionals. Since our founding in 1999, Smile Train has supported more cleft surgeries than all other global charities combined.

What percentage of donations go to Operation Smile?


Element Percentage
Administrative $7,595,992.00
Fundraising $19,400,158.00
Program $35,875,421.00

How much money does Smile Train spend?

Total Revenue and Expenses

FY Revenue Expenses
FY2017 $102,107,683.00 $82,761,377.00
FY2018 $103,117,005.00 $79,630,236.00
FY2019 $96,732,484.00 $77,024,190.00

How good a charity is Operation Smile?

When we consider all facets of the organization, we place the Operation Smile charity rating at a strong B-. While they have some areas needing improvements, the organization is still providing a specialized and life-saving service to 12,000 children around the world each year.