What size is a 1/4 cello?

What size is a 1/4 cello?

A Sizing Guide for Cello

Cello Size Cello Length Arm Length
1/4 20 to 23 inches 18-20 inches
1/2 23 to 26 inches 20-22 inches
3/4 26 to 27.25 inches 22-24 inches
4/4 (full size) 30 inches and above 24 or more inches

What are the different sizes of cellos?

There are two cello sizes for adults: the full-size cello, or 4/4 size, which has a back length of 30 inches and above, and the ⅞ size cello, with a back that measures from 27 to 30 inches.

How many inches is a 1/4 cello?

1/4 Cello = 580mm or approx. 22.8 inches. 1/8 Cello = 530mm or approx. 20.8 inches.

How do I know what size cello to buy?

As with violins and violas you need the right sized cello for your age, shape and height. Cellos are measured by the length of the back, from the full-sized cello of 30 inches or more intended for adults more than five feet tall, to 1/8 cellos designed for children between four and six years old.

How do I choose a cello for a beginner?

5 Tips For Buying A Cello

  1. First-timers should rent first, buy later. Some people know exactly which instrument they want to play from the get-go.
  2. Plan your budget accordingly.
  3. Make sure you select the right size.
  4. Comfort matters more than size.
  5. Try and try again until you find the best fit.

How wide is a full size cello?

The table below outlines some useful cello measurements

Cello Size Back Length Maximum Width
1/4 Cello 23″ / 58.4cm 13.5″ / 34.2cm
1/2 Cello 26″ / 66cm 15″ / 38.1cm
3/4 Cello 27.25″ / 69.2cm 16″ / 40.6cm
4/4 Full Cello 30″ / 76.2cm 17.75″ / 45cm

How much is a full size cello?

How much a cello costs is often associated with the quality of sound the instrument produces and the craftsmanship that went into building the instrument. Student cellos are the lowest-cost, averaging around $300-$400, while the highest-cost cellos, professional level, can be well over $10,000.

How expensive is a beginner cello?

How much money does a decent cello cost? First time buyers are shocked to find that even an inexpensive beginner’s cello will cost about $1000.00 (to say nothing of the bow, which will cost at least several hundred dollars).