Why does Twilight have a bad reputation?

Why does Twilight have a bad reputation?

The Twilight book series was a big success, though it got mixed reviews – while some praised its combination of fantasy, romance, and horror, in a way that was appealing to a teenage audience, others criticized Meyer’s writing, underdeveloped characters, and poor storyline.

Does Twilight have any inappropriate?

Movie Ratings as Guides The movie adaptations came out with PG-13 ratings, suggesting that the content was best for teens age 13 and up, and parental guidance may be needed. “Twilight,” “New Moon,” and “Eclipse” contain some disturbing images, sexuality, and violent content.

What is the saddest scene in Twilight?

Bella’s initial escape from Forks includes the saddest and also the most underrated scene in the entire movie: As Edward drives Bella away from her father and her new home, she witnesses her human high school friends leaving the local café while she essentially has been forced to leave behind any opportunity at a …

Why did Twilight get banned?

The Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer has been on the hot list of banned books for being sexually explicit, unsuited to age group, and promoting a religious viewpoint according to the ALA.

Is Twilight OK for 9 year old?

First, it depends on the maturity of the child for Twilight and New Moon. I would say as young as 10 for those kids. Eclipse is still fine for anyone over the age of 12, but Breaking Dawn is for a more young adult audience, like 14-15 in my opinion. But it all has to do with the child’s maturity.

What is the best Twilight?

According to Netflix’s charts, the first film in the series, 2008’s Twilight, is being watched the most, with it currently ranking at No. 3 just behind new seasons of Virgin River and Never Have I Ever. The second movie, New Moon, is at No.

Did the Twilight movies make a lot of money?

The Twilight Saga movies managed to gross an astounding $3.3 billion worldwide making it the eighteenth highest-grossing film franchise of all time.

Was Twilight ever banned?

Meyer’s Twilight series entered the Office of Intellectual Freedom’s Top 10 Banned and Challenged Books in 2009. The YA vampire-romance saga ranked fifth on the list that year, with challengers citing the books’ religious viewpoint (Meyer is mormon), sexually explicit content, and age-inappropriateness.