Who owns Eastern Daily Press?

Who owns Eastern Daily Press?

The paper is now owned and published by Archant, formerly known as Eastern Counties Newspapers Group.

Where is the Eastern Daily Press printed?

Eastern Daily Press (Norfolk) – papersdirect.

How much does the Eastern Daily Press cost?

For one great price of just £19.99 you can enjoy the Eastern Daily Press in three ways. You can read the paper in digital format each day on your mobile, tablet, laptop and computer through the E-Edition. Get the latest headlines read to you through your voice device as they happen with Voice Access.

How do I contact the Eastern Daily Press?

Contact Us

  1. Editor: [email protected]
  2. News desk: [email protected]
  3. Business: [email protected]
  4. Sport: [email protected]
  5. What’s On: [email protected]
  6. Investigations: [email protected]
  7. Local government: [email protected]
  8. Education: [email protected]

Who is the biggest landowner in Norfolk?

The Queen is one of Norfolk’s largest landowners. Around 33,000 acres including large areas of coastline and foreshore are owned and administered by the Crown Estate, although this is not a private landowning.

Who owns Norfolk UK?

Norfolk County Council has been under Conservative control since 2017. There have been two periods when the council has not been run by the Conservative Party, both when no party had overall control, these were 1993–2001 and 2013–2017.

Where is the East Anglian Daily Times printed?

The East Anglian Daily Times is a British local newspaper for Suffolk and Essex, based in Ipswich….East Anglian Daily Times.

Type Daily Local Newspaper
Language English
Headquarters Princes Street, Ipswich
Circulation 12,589 (as of December 2018)
Website eadt.co.uk

How do I contact EDP Norwich?

EDP 24

  1. http://www.edp24.co.uk/
  2. +44 1603 628311.
  3. @eastern_daily_press.

Does James Dyson own more land than the queen?

Flickr/Eva Rinaldi Sir James Dyson, the billionaire inventor behind the famous bagless vacuum cleaner, now owns more land than the Queen after buying another 3,000 acres. It takes his total portfolio up to 25,000 acres — 5,000 more than Her Majesty’s private Sandringham estate in Norfolk.

Who owns the most land in Norfolk?