What books should I read if I like Twilight?

What books should I read if I like Twilight?

Insider rounded up the best young adult fantasy books “Twilight” fans should check out.

  • “The Selection” by Kiera Cass.
  • “Red Queen” by Victoria Aveyard.
  • “Wings” by Aprilynne Pike.
  • “The Beautiful” by Renée Ahdieh.
  • “Divergent” by Veronica Roth.
  • “Shiver” by Maggie Stiefvater.
  • “Matched” by Ally Conde.
  • “Crave” by Tracy Wolff.

What should I read after Vampire Diaries?

25 best vampire books for teens to read after Vampire Diaries (beyond Buffy and Twilight)

  • Twilight by Stephenie Mayer.
  • Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead.
  • Court of Vampires by Megan Linski.
  • Princess Dracula by John Patrick Kennedy.
  • Blood Moon by Lena Hillbrand.
  • Ash by Jaymin Eve and Leia Stone.
  • Vampire Girl by Karpov Kinrade.

What should I read after Hunger Games and Twilight?

15 Book Series To Read If You Enjoyed “The Hunger Games”

  • Unwind, Neal Shusterman.
  • Divergent, Veronica Roth.
  • Matched, Ally Condie.
  • The Maze Runner, James Dashner.
  • Graceling, Kristin Cashore.
  • The Mortal Instruments, Cassandra Clare.
  • The Lunar Chronicles, Marissa Meyer.
  • Gone, Michael Grant.

What should I read if I like crave Wolff?

Here are 20 great vampire novels to read before Midnight Sun comes out:

  • Crave by Tracy Wolff.
  • Certain Dark Things by Silvia Moreno-Garcia.
  • From Blood and Ash by Jennifer L.
  • Fledgling by Octavia Butler.
  • Chosen by Kiersten White.
  • Minion by L.A. Banks.
  • Angels’ Blood by Nalini Singh.
  • Wicked Bite by Jeaniene Frost.

Does Damon end up with Bonnie in the books?

This never happened in the books. Damon thought Bonnie was immature and preferred Elena Gilbert, but he always felt that connection to her. The Vampire Diaries Season 5 allowed the space for Damon and Bonnie’s relationship to evolve. They ended up trapped in the 1994 Prison World together.

Who does Elena choose in the books?

Although, Elena has a strong connection with Damon, she will always love Stefan much more due to the Soulmate Principle shared between her and Stefan. In The Hunters: Destiny Rising, Elena finally chooses Stefan (her true soulmate) over Damon as her eternal life partner and mate.

Should I read the Twilight books?

Depends on the book and the movie. Some movies are better paced than the books and some books are better than the movie. The movies were good, but some of the books (not all of them unfortunately) like twilight are better, so if you liked the movies and you like reading, then you should read the series.

What is grace in Crave book?

The first book in the series, “Crave,” is told from the point of view of 17-year-old Grace. Grace is forced to move from California to Alaska to attend the Katmere Academy boarding school after her parents are tragically killed. Grace’s uncle is the headmaster of Katmere and her cousin Macy is a student.