Is 150mm travel enough for enduro?

Is 150mm travel enough for enduro?

Even the lightest bikes are overkill on all but the toughest trails. An enduro bike is basically a mountain bike with at least 150mm of suspension travel. They’re built for the rigours of racing full-bore downhill whilst being sufficiently efficient on climbs and contouring trails too.

Is 140mm travel enough for enduro?

140mm trail mountain bikes is a tough bracket to characterise. On one hand you could say that these bikes are a bit too fragile for enduro duties but a bit too burly to be fun at trail centres or on back country romps. For us, a 140mm ride is simply a trail bike with bite.

What is the difference between enduro and trail?

Enduro Bikes Have Longer Wheelbases than Trail Bikes This is why downhill bikes have long wheelbases. Wheelbase is where we see a big difference between trail and enduro bikes. The average 27.5″ enduro bike has a wheelbase 40mm longer than a 27.5″ trail bike, and 29″ enduro bikes are 43mm longer, on average.

Is 160mm travel too much for trail riding?

Generally all-mountain bikes have between 130 and 160mm of travel. All-mountain bikes have enough suspension to tackle hardcore riding, but are often light and without too much travel for all day epics and some longer pedalling missions.

Should I get an enduro or downhill bike?

If you are hard charging, riding nothing but the gnarliest terrain, then downhill bikes are amazing! Downhill bikes are a lot of fun if you are fully pinned or sending very big jumps. If you’re not always riding the hardest trails in the bike park or charging down the steepest and roughest terrain, grab an Enduro bike.

Is 100mm travel enough for trail riding?

For basic trail riding I would recommend something closer to 120mm as most 100mm bikes are xc race bikes and likely won’t be as fun on most trails. If you want to do any drops or impacts then 100mm isn’t enough. You’ll bottom out every time.

How big is a 150mm enduro mountain bike?

Traditionally 160mm was the benchmark, but recent years have seen a much broader spectrum of travels being used, the 150mm enduro bike is among them. You will probably notice that a lot of these bikes are 29ers. A little less travel can keep these bikes nimble while still offering the roll over advantages of bigger wheels.

Which is the best enduro mountain bike in the world?

Top of the pile is the Trailfox. It’s another 29er that still muches up the ground but also has the ability to tackle burly terrain too. The bike named after one of the most arduous enduro events in the world got its first 29 inch offering this year.

When was the first enduro mountain bike made?

Enduro-style mountain bikes are relatively new to the MTB scene, with the discipline only gaining widespread popularity over the past five to six years. The earliest recorded enduro-style race was in France in 2003 but MTB bikes with enduro-specific geometry and suspension were only developed later.

Are there any new enduro bikes coming out?

Many enduro bikes have changed little to nothing for 2021 and already competed in last year’s group test. How and where did we test the bikes? For a change, we can’t blame it on coronavirus.