How do you protect your belly button piercing during sports?

How do you protect your belly button piercing during sports?

Taping. Some athletes with new body piercings use tape to cover the jewelry during sporting events. While this tactic does remove some risk, it is not always a good solution. Tape does prevent earrings and other jewelry from getting caught on clothing and equipment by providing a smooth surface.

Can you play sports with a belly button piercing?

New belly button piercings, for example, pose a risk to almost any sports type or fitness activity due to their central position on the body. Contact with chlorine water can lead to inflammation for up to six weeks after getting pierced. One even has to take a break from ski tours as piercings can cause frostbite.

Can you do ab workouts with a belly button piercing?

Normal exercise is perfectly safe after piercing your navel. Simply keep your piercing clean and avoid tight clothing, so it doesn’t irritate the piercing while it’s healing. Consult the piercer and your doctor if your piercing shows signs of infection.

Can you wear jewelry in karate?

Karateka (those who study and teach karatedō) never wear any kind of jewelry or other “personal” item on the dojo floor. That means no rings (including wedding rings), no decorative jewelry like earrings or necklaces, and no accessories like bands or watches.

How sore is a belly button piercing?

Belly button piercing pain level Belly button piercings are considered the second least painful piercings after ear piercings. That’s because the thick tissue left behind from when your umbilical cord was removed is flesh and not very nerve dense.

Can I hide a belly button piercing?

Use a long top to hide your navel piercing. Navel piercings are really only visible if your navel is also showing. Therefore, the best way to hide a navel piercing is to make sure you wear a top long enough to cover your navel, even when you reach upwards.

What do you wear when you get your belly button pierced?

Choose an outfit with a loose-fitting top and low rise trousers or skirt. A shirt that is too tight will rub against the new piercing and may be harder to roll up for the piercing procedure. Low rise trousers will make sure your clothes do not get in the way of your new piercing while it is still healing.

How long after belly piercing Can you swim?

In order to prevent irritation or infection occurring around your new piercing wound, it’s recommended that you wait for at least three weeks until swimming with a new belly button piercing.

What can you not do with a new belly button piercing?

During the healing process, you should do the following:

  • Avoid hot tubs, pools, and lakes. Your wound can come into contact with bacteria in the water.
  • Opt for clean, loose-fitting clothing. Tight garments can irritate the area and trap bacteria.
  • Protect the piercing.
  • Avoid the sun to prevent sunburns.