What does terminology mean in medical terms?

What does terminology mean in medical terms?

Medical terminology is the language used to describe components and processes of the human body, medical procedures, diseases, disorders, and pharmacology. Simply put, it is the vocabulary that medical professionals use to describe the body, what it does, and the treatments they prescribe.

Whats the medical term for color?

Prefixes and Combining Forms for Color Medical Terms Black: melan/o. Blue: cyan/o. Gray, silver : glauc/o & poli/o. Green: chlor/o. Purple: purpur/o.

What does trich O mean in medical terms?

Tricho- (prefix): Pertaining to hair. As in trichobezoar (a hair ball), trichotillomania (compulsive hair pulling), trichoepithelioma (a tumor from a hair follicle), etc. From the Greek thrix, trichos, meaning hair.

What color is Poli O?

Cards In This Set

Front Back
lute/o Yellow
melan/o Black
poli/o Gray
purpur/i Purple

What is the medical term for blue?

Cyanosis (Turning Blue): Symptoms & Signs Cyanosis is the medical term for a bluish color of the skin and the mucous membranes due to an insufficient level of oxygen in the blood. For example, the lips and fingernails may show cyanosis.

What is a Arthro mean?

Arthro-: A prefix meaning joint, as in arthropathy and arthroscopic. Before a vowel, it becomes arthr-, as in arthralgia and arthritis. From the Greek word arthron for joint. Ultimately from an Indo-European root meaning to join or to fit together.

Does Poli O mean gray?

Poli/o is the word root and combining form for the color gray. The word root myel- means spinal cord. The definition of poliomyelitis is inflammation of the gray matter of the brain and spinal cord.

What does medical term Poli O )- mean?

, poli- [Gr. polios, gray] Prefixes meaning gray.

Which is the correct medical definition of purpura?

Medical Definition of purpura. : any of several hemorrhagic states characterized by patches of purplish discoloration resulting from extravasation of blood into the skin and mucous membranes — see thrombocytopenic purpura. More from Merriam-Webster on purpura.

What is the medical definition of a purpuric rash?

Any rash in which blood cells leak into the skin or mucous membranes, usually at multiple sites. Purpuric rashes often are associated with disorders of coagulation or thrombosis. Pinpoint purpuric lesions are called petechiae; larger hemorrhages into the skin are called ecchymoses. Synonym: peliosis See: illustration

What does retiform purpura on the face mean?

The researchers — from NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical College — wrote in their report that the skin discoloration could represent partial occlusion or blockage of blood vessels, and the retiform purpura could represent full blockage.

Which is the best description of an anaphylactoid purpura?

Any of a group of purpuras caused by a variety of agents, including bacteria, drugs, and food. The immune complexes associated with type III hypersensitivity reaction damage the walls of small blood vessels, leading to bleeding. Synonym: nonthrombocytopenic purpura