What is the quality of fanimation fans?

What is the quality of fanimation fans?

Fanimation Odyn Ceiling Fan The motor on the Fanimation Odyn is quiet and carries a lifetime motor warranty. This ceiling fan is Energy Star certified, and much more efficient than most other fans we evaluated. Its LED lighting system uses less electricity than traditional ceiling fan lights but is just as bright.

Can a damp rated fan be used indoors?

The Rating System Damp-Rated fans are for outdoor covered areas or indoors where there is moisture. Wet-Rated fans can be used anywhere indoors or outdoors, even in the rain or snow.

What is damp rated fan?

What is a Damp Rated Ceiling Fan? Damp-rated fans are ideal for covered outdoor spaces like patios and porches. Their ability to withstand exposure to moisture and humidity also makes them ideal for indoor spaces like bathrooms and laundry rooms.

Can industrial fans get wet?

Fans with an indoor rating should never be used outside, but fans with a “damp” or “wet” rating are fine for indoor and outdoor use.

Is fanimation a good fan brand?

Fanimation is a leader in eye-catching ceiling fan designs that utilize the latest technology for unparalleled performance. One of their largest ceiling fans, the Fanimation Odyn is a 84-inch behemoth that uses 70% less energy than a regular ceiling fan thanks to it’s energy-saving DC motor.

Are outdoor fans worth it?

One of the most obvious benefits of having a ceiling fan outdoors is that it is can do a great job of keeping you cool during the hot summer months. While air conditioning will do you little good outside, a large outdoor fan is the next best thing and will keep you cool with much more efficiency than smaller fans will.

What’s the difference between indoor and outdoor fan?

The main difference between an outdoor fan and an indoor fan is the materials in which they are made of. Outdoor fans are made of materials that can withstand high winds and weather elements. Indoor fans aren’t equipped to handle moisture and winds. Outdoor fans must also use a stronger motor to cool your open space.

What does wet Rated mean?

Wet rating refers to locations where your wet rated outdoor lighting fixture might encounter dripping water, rain, or other liquid that could flow or splash on or against your LED bulb or LED light fixture. When a light will come into contact with rain or snow outside, you want wet rated LEDs placed there.

What happens if a ceiling fan gets wet?

Ceiling fans and light fixtures, when met with moisture from a leak, can pose a serious risk of electrical fire. While you want to shut off the electricity as soon as possible, touching the wall switch is a bad idea, and can put yourself at risk of electrical shock.

What is the difference between a wet and damp ceiling fan?

Damp-rated ceiling fans can have a light mist, dew, or condensation on the motor exterior without much worry, but they can’t withstand direct exposure to moderate, heavy, or driving rain. Wet-rated ceiling fans are designed to withstand exposure to moderate, heavy and driving rains.