How do you make your own face mask?

How do you make your own face mask?


  1. Cut Your Fabric. This mask can be made in a few different sizes.
  2. Cut Your Elastic. Cut two lengths of elastic that are 7″ long no matter what size of mask you are making.
  3. Pin the Elastic Onto the Fabric.
  4. Get Ready to Sew.
  5. Sew the Mask.
  6. Turn the Fabric.
  7. Optional: Add Pleats.
  8. Finish the Mask.

How do you make a clay face mask?

How to make and use a clay mask

  1. Cleanse. Wash your face with warm water and soap or a gentle cleanser.
  2. Make the mask. Put about a tablespoon or two of clay in a bowl.
  3. Apply the mask. Apply the paste with your fingertips, covering all of the skin except the skin around your eyes.
  4. Let sit. Allow the paste to dry.
  5. Rinse.

How much clay does it take to sculpt a mask?

Also, build up a layer 1/2 inch of clay all around the head first, unlike I did. When you pour the latex mask the latex will SHRINK about 10% as it dries. Adding a 1/2 inch layer of clay all around the head will keep the mask from being too tight on your head.

How do you make a face mask by hand without a sewing machine?


  1. Wash the reusable grocery bag.
  2. Cut the sides off the grocery bag so the material lays flat.
  3. Cut the material into two sheets.
  4. Measure and cut one sheet.
  5. Repeat Step 4 on the other sheet of material.
  6. Sew the mask’s side seams.
  7. Place the sheets together.
  8. Make the head ties.

Are there different size face masks?

There are five different sizes ranging from XXS to L to accommodate as many face sizes as possible. To find the right fit, we recommend using a flexible tape measure (or a piece of string). Measure from the bridge of your nose to under your chin (about 1-inch from under the tip of your chin).

Do clay face masks work?

A clay mask can work wonders in helping to keep your complexion under control by “soaking up” excess oil from the skin’s surface and clearing out clogged pores. This not only rids skin of acne-causing impurities but also reduces surface shine and contributes to a more matte-like complexion.