How do you do the sunrise personify?

How do you do the sunrise personify?

A more interesting description could be, “The sun stretched its golden arms, climbed above the mountains, and smiled down on us.” Giving the sun “golden arms” creates a vivid image of the sun’s rays and “climbed” makes the sun more like a person getting out of bed.

Is the sun came out personification?

When the sun does finally come out, and the children are released to go outside to experience it, the sun is described using personification as follows: “. . . when the sun came out for an hour and showed its face to the stunned world. . . It was the color of flaming bronze and it was very large.

What is a metaphor for sunrise?

Searching for Symbolic Meaning The dawn sunrise brings light to the day, a new start, a fresh beginning. Some would go even further, consider the metaphor “seeing the light,” where light represents knowledge and righteousness. The sunrise brings the earth out of darkness, a symbol of hope.

Is smiling eyes a personification?

Friar Lawrence uses personification when he describes the morning as having eyes. This is personification because the morning is smiling, which only a human can do.

How do you personify a flower?

Here is another example of personification: The flowers were begging for water. We know that flowers do not have mouths and they cannot really ask us for water. We are giving the flowers the human characteristic of begging to show that they are in need of water.

What is a hyperbole for school?

Hyperbole is a figure of speech that uses excessive exaggeration to illustrate a statement or display emphasis. Hyperbole about school: “My economics teacher is older than the hills”. Or “a Monday in school lasts a million years”.

What is a metaphor for the sea?

Some positive metaphors include: The sea is my home. The tide licked my toes. The sea is a surfer’s paradise.