How do I get a deers enrollment form?

How do I get a deers enrollment form?

Verifying and Updating DEERS

  1. Visit your personnel office or contact the Defense Manpower Data Center Support Office at 800-538-9552. You can find the nearest location online.
  2. Visit the Milconnect website.

How do I get my DD Form 1172?

Click ID Card Office to find a local RAPIDS ID card office. Click Display Form to view DD Form 1172-2 and digitally sign the form. Click Home to return to the home page. Click the Print icon to print the signed DD Form 1172-2.

What is a DD Form 1172?

The DD Form 1172 is an application for uniformed services identification card/DEERS Enrollment. It is used for the application of military ID cards for military dependents.

What is a DD Form 1173?

The red ID Card (DD Form 1173-1) serves as proof that individuals have been pre-enrolled in the Defense Eligibility Enrollment System (DEERS). This is an important first step in obtaining family member and dependent medical treatment when the servicemember is called to active duty for 31 consecutive days or more.

Can I enroll my wife in DEERS without her?

Retired and active-duty servicemembers are automatically signed up for DEERS but family members aren’t so you’ll have to ask your spouse to enroll you. Your spouse has to be the one to get this started!

Can I enroll my wife in deers without her?

What documents do I need to get a dependent military ID?

At least one form of ID must be a valid state or federal government-issued picture identification (for example, passport, driver’s license, or current DoD ID card). If you are a dependent, you must provide a completed DD Form 1172-2 and two forms of ID in original form.

What documents do I need to enroll my spouse in DEERS?

Update DEERS

  1. Go to any ID card-issuing office to add your spouse to DEERS.
  2. You’ll need the following documents (originals or certified copies): Marriage certificate. Spouse’s birth certificate. Spouse’s Social Security card. Spouse’s photo ID.