Who turns Harvey Dent into Two-Face?

Who turns Harvey Dent into Two-Face?

boss Sal Maroni
Once a bright and upstanding district attorney of Gotham City, Harvey Dent is hideously scarred on the left side of his face after mob boss Sal Maroni throws acidic chemicals at him during a court trial.

Who played Two-Face in Dark Knight Rises?

Aaron Eckhart
Harvey Dent (Nolanverse)

Harvey Dent
Alias(es) Two-Face The White Knight
Appeared in The Dark Knight The Dark Knight Rises
Status Deceased
Actor Aaron Eckhart

Why does two-face flip a coin?

Two-Face flipped his own two-headed coin whenever he had to make a decision. Before his accident, Harvey Dent used the coin to trick criminals into confessing, such as when he kidnapped Thomas Schiff and informed him, “Heads, you get to keep your head. But because both sides were heads, Dent never killed.

Who was Harvey Dent in the Dark Knight?

Harvey Dent, also known by his nom de crime, Two-Face, is a fictional supervillain featured in the 2008 film The Dark Knight. Played by actor Aaron Eckhart, the character is based on the DC Comics character Harvey Kent (later changed to Harvey Dent), who was introduced in Detective Comics #66 in August, 1942.

Who is playing Harvey Dent in the new Batman movie?

Aaron Eckhart, who played Harvey Dent in acclaimed comic book film The Dark Knight, has responded to rumours that actor Peter Sarsgaard is to take on the role for upcoming new movie The Batman.

How did Harvey Dent get the name Harvey Two Face?

Originally working in Internal Investigations, Dent picked up the name “Harvey Two-Face” for being duplicitous when investigating people. He investigated many people who ended up working in James Gordon ‘s Major Crimes Unit . Platinum Collection Build Your Own Bundle.

Who is Two Face in the Dark Knight?

Harvey Dent, later dubbed as Two-Face, is a major character in the Dark Knight trilogy. He first appeared as the tritagonist turned secondary antagonist of the second installment The Dark Knight, and a posthumous antagonist in the third and final installment The Dark Knight Rises.