Where does SecondBite get their food from?

Where does SecondBite get their food from?

Food is donated by farmers, wholesalers, markets, supermarkets, caterers and events. This high-quality surplus food is redistributed to community food programs that support people in need from all walks of life.

Who does SecondBite help?

Each month, SecondBite redistributes around 290,000 kilograms of fresh food to over 480 agencies and food programs that work at the front line of food poverty, enabling them to provide over 580,000 nutritious meals every day to benefit the most vulnerable members of our community: people who are homeless, escaping …

What is the aim of SecondBite?

SecondBite exists to provide access to fresh, nutritious food for people in need across Australia. We do this by rescuing and redistributing surplus fresh food.

Why did Ian and Simone Carson establish SecondBite?

Co-founders of SecondBite, ​Simone and Ian Carson established SecondBite after watching too much good food go to waste while too many people went hungry. They first started SecondBite in 2005, with just three volunteers in Victoria and moved just over 600 kg of food a year.

Is SecondBite a charity?

SecondBite || SecondBite is a food rescue not for profit with a special focus on fresh produce. With 75% of the over 1 million kgs of food they redistributed in 2011 being being fresh fruit and vegetables, they play a key role in providing fresh surplus food to over 400 community food programs.

Is SecondBite tax deductible?

SECONDBITE is endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) from 31 Aug 2005. It is covered by Item 1 of the table in section 30-15 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 .

What is Coles SecondBite?

Coles has launched its annual appeal for food rescue organisation, SecondBite, allowing customers to purchase $2 donation cards and help support Australians who have been hit hardest by COVID-19.

Why did SecondBite start?

Simone Carson and husband Ian co-founded SecondBite in 2005. With a group of friends, they would visit market stalls, collect surplus food and drop it to a local charity. A partnership with Coles six years later led to a rapid expansion.

How did SecondBite start?

Charity SecondBite was founded by Ian and Simone Carson after they learned about the scale of food wastage in Australia. The results of their efforts has been a spectacular success that provides fresh food and meals to people in need.

Is SecondBite Global?

SecondBite is an innovative food rescue not-for-profit organisation, operating in Victoria, Tasmania, Queensland and NSW.

What food gets tossed the most?

Here’s our list of the top five most wasted foods and how to use them up.

  • #1 Bread. Over 240 million slices of bread are chucked away every year.
  • #2 Milk. Around 5.9 million glasses of milk are poured down the sink every year, but it’s so easy to use it up.
  • #3 Potatoes.
  • #4 Cheese.
  • #5 Apples.