What nationality is the name Levan?

What nationality is the name Levan?

The French surname name Levan is derived from the Old French word “vanier,” which referred to someone employed to blow the chaff from wheat, a practice known as winnowing.

What does Levan mean?

French (Belgium): nickname for someone who was fleet of foot, from French le vent ‘the wind’. Similar surnames: Levant, Levis, Leva, Dean, Lever, Laban, Leal, Leon, Lean, Lavan.

What type of name is Levan?

Levan (Georgian: ლევანი) is a Georgian name.

Is Levan male or female?

Levan Boy’s name meaning, origin, and popularity.

How do you pronounce the name Levan?

Leven rhymes with Kevin. Or like the number eleven without the first e….Pronounce Names.

Submitted from: Georgia
Pronunciation: le van l as in like e as in elephant van as the word van

Is Levan a girls name?

Levan – Boy’s name meaning, origin, and popularity | BabyCenter.

How do you pronounce Levan Utah?

Levan (/ləˈvæn/ lə-VAN) is a town in Juab County, Utah, United States.

What town is in the middle of Utah?


Levan, Utah
Coordinates: 39°33′24″N 111°51′40″WCoordinates: 39°33′24″N 111°51′40″W
Country United States
State Utah
County Juab

How do locals pronounce Zion National Park?

Here in Southern Utah, we pronounce it as, “Zi-in”. Interestingly enough, we here in Utah often say the name incorrectly ourselves. The Park is officially named Zion National Park, but here in Utah its most commonly called “Zions”.

What is the prettiest city in Utah?

The Most Beautiful Towns in Utah, USA

  • Moab. Historical Landmark.
  • Midway. Historical Landmark.
  • Springdale. Historical Landmark.
  • Garden City. Natural Feature.
  • Mantua. Natural Feature.
  • Torrey. Natural Feature.
  • Spring City. Historical Landmark.
  • Brigham City. Historical Landmark.

What is the prettiest place in Utah?

Here are the most beautiful places in Utah.

  • Bryce Canyon.
  • Grand Staircase–Escalante National Monument.
  • Calf Creek Falls / The Hogback / Boulder.
  • Capitol Reef National Park.