Should I kill in the arena Witcher 3?

Should I kill in the arena Witcher 3?

If you take this second option, you can end up battling in the Arena after chatting with Igor. Elect not to kill your first opponent when he yields (just interact with him instead), and he’ll help you out with subsequent fights against dogs, soldiers, and all manner of beasties including a very tough bear.

How do you get the reward from the King of Beggars?

This is another simple quest during the main quest “Get Junior.” When you clear the casino of Junior’s men, let Rico go. He is happy enough to promise you a reward from his boss, the King of Beggars. Simply head back to the Putrid Grove during “Get Junior” to claim a free reward.

Should you kill Gustav Roene?

He can be the first opponent one faces if they choose to fight in the arena and would yield once defeated, giving the option to finish him off or spare him. If spared, he will fight alongside Geralt against a pack of dogs, the Hairy Brothers, a wyvern, endrega drones, and finally Boris.

How do you trigger favor for Radovid?

After you’ve dealt with Junior, in the Get Junior main quest, and leave his compound the King’s guards will stop you. The King is requesting your presence and is calling in his favor. Hand over your weapons and board the ship. Follow the guard and talk to King Radovid.

How do you free Rico the dwarf?

When the building is clear, go all the way to the top to find a dwarf tied and beaten. His name is Rico and he can help you out if you untie him. Talk to him and let him go. This opens up a side quest called “Honor Among Thieves,” which is super simple.

Where do you find the Secret Stash in Witcher 3?

I have the objective to use witcher senses to find whoresons secret stash. I go into the fighting pits at the arena and the red areas are there to use the senses and no prompts appear to do the investigating.

How to find the secret door in the Witcher 3?

Objective: Use your witcher senses to find a way to access the secret stash Follow the mini-map trail once more back down into the depths of the arena until you are in the center of the search area. When you arrive, your witcher senses will highlight the outline of a secret door at the end of this passage, as well as outline a nearby torch in red.

Where to find mysterious letter in Witcher 3?

Pull the torch to open the door and access the secret stash and to find the mysterious letter within. Open up your inventory yet again to take a look at the new letter. Note: From this point, the Casino and Arena paths converge to continue the story quest.

Where is the casino in the Witcher 3?

Head to the casino, it is located east of St. Gregory Bridge. Talk to the bouncer at the front door. If you have Delusion level 3, you can use the Axii dialogue choice to get in and gain 40 XP. Otherwise you can give him 200 crowns and gain 20 XP.