How do you make mistletoe balls?

How do you make mistletoe balls?

  1. Soak the ball in water. Submerge it for 15 minutes until saturated.
  2. Cut floral wire into 1 ½-inch strips. Bend pieces into a U-shape.
  3. Cover the ball with sheet moss. Secure it with the floral wire.
  4. Cut mistletoe into 2- to 3-inch pieces.
  5. Apply florist pins.
  6. Add a bow.

How do you make a greenery kissing ball?

Make Your Own Kissing Ball

  1. Cut evergreen sprigs into 2-3 ½” sections using pruners or wire cutters.
  2. Cut an 18” length of craft wire.
  3. Loosely lay the Spanish moss over the foam ball.
  4. Put a small amount of hot glue in every hole, and then immediately insert a greenery clipping.

Where do you hang a kissing ball?

5 Places to Hang a Kissing Balls

  1. In a Bay Window. Many homes feature beautiful bay windows facing the front of the house.
  2. Hanging on a Porch. Replace your traditional hanging baskets with fresh and modern kissing balls.
  3. Hanging from a Chandelier.
  4. In an Architectural Cut-Out.
  5. Above a Mantle.

How many roses does it take to make a kissing ball?

You will need at least 35 flowers to cover a 4 inch ball, more if you are making a larger ball. Take the first flower and press the end of it into the styrofoam ball, creating a small hole in the ball.

What is a kissing ball at a wedding?

A kissing ball is the same as a pomander. It is a (usually) styrofoam ball covered in real or silk flowers, with a ribbon loop at the top to carry it with. Brides sometimes have their FGs carry one instead of a basket with petals when their venue doesn’t allow petals to be tossed.

What is a flower kissing ball?

Ans: Kissing balls or pomander balls is a styrofoam ball covered in fresh or silk flowers and other craft accessories, with a ribbon loop on top for easy handling. Brides sometimes have their flower girls hold one in place of a basket with petals if the wedding venue does not permit flower petals to be scattered.

How do you make a kiss ball without Styrofoam?

Begin by using hot glue to adhere one piece of the ribbon to the perimeter of the ball. Tie it the two ends together and make a bow with the extra ribbon at the top of the ornament. Glue the other piece of ribbon on the other side of the ball. Tie at the top and leave the ends free so that you can hang it.

What is a wedding kissing ball?

Kissing balls are pomanders, round decorated bases studded or festooned with flora, ribbons or other small items and hung in an arch or doorway. You’ll find them in traditional holiday decor as well as at wedding receptions.

How do you make a flower ball without foam balls?

What is the history of a kissing ball?

An evergreen accent that’s increasing in popularity is the kissing ball, which has its origins in the Middle Ages. Villagers would create ball-shaped ornaments made of twine and evergreen branches. In the center, they would place a clay figure of an infant representing the baby Jesus.

What are flower balls called?

If you use flowers that are different in shape or color make sure that everything is evenly spaced to give a balanced look. A flower ball can also be called a kissing ball or pomander and are a very versatile flower arrangement that can be used in many different ways: They can be carried as a bouquet.