What are the latest breeding softwares for farm animals?

What are the latest breeding softwares for farm animals?

Ranch Manager, Chetu, Cattle Max, Livestocked, MiHub, Muuu, CattlePro, Agritec are some of the Top Livestock Management Software.

What is the best app for cattle records?

Here is the list of top free cattle record keeping app and management software

App Name Cost Rating
Yagro Free 4.8/5 stars
Herdwatch Free 4.7/5 stars
Farmwizard Beef Manager Free 3.6/5 stars
RB209 AHDB Free 4.7/5 stars

Is Livestocked app free?

Livestocked pricing starts at $70.00 per user, per year. There is a free version. Livestocked offers a free trial.

What is cattle management software?

Cattle Management Software Dev Provide full access to management platforms with mobility to retrieve data with the scan of an ID tag. We program modules for livestock management software modifications to enable animal and breed tracking, ranch management, accounting, and more.

How much does Agrivi cost?

About AGRIVI With regards to system requirements, AGRIVI is available as SaaS, iPhone, iPad, and Android software. Costs start at $19.00/month/user. AGRIVI includes business hours support and online support.

How do you store livestock records?

If you are going to record information about individual animals, you need to be able to identify each animal in the herd over a number of years. The easiest way to achieve this at present is to use National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) electronic devices (ear tags / rumen bolus), or plastic ear tags.

What is the meaning of raising livestock?

Animals such as cattle and sheep which are kept on a farm are referred to as livestock. […]

How much does cattle max cost?

CattleMax pricing starts at $145.00 per user, as a one-time payment. They do not have a free version. CattleMax offers a free trial.

Is Agrivi free?

AGRIVI is a free app for Android published in the Office Suites & Tools list of apps, part of Business.

What is farm management?

farm management, making and implementing of the decisions involved in organizing and operating a farm for maximum production and profit. Farm management draws on agricultural economics for information on prices, markets, agricultural policy, and economic institutions such as leasing and credit.

How does the ibreed pedigree system help breeders?

iBreed Pedigree and Livestock Management System provides breeders with a simple to use database to maintain records of their livestock. Comprehensive details can be recorded for each animal, this allows upto a 5 generation pedigree to be viewed or printed, and a powerful search function enables livestock to be retrieved at any time.

Which is the best software for cattle management?

With our cattle software, ranches can easily view and edit data such as pedigree, source, weight records, health records, and more on every individual animal. Users can also specify some fields as group fields which means all the animals in the group will share the same value.

Which is the best pedigree software for dogs?

Our premium pedigree software is Pedigree Publisher or PedPub for short. In the long run it is replacing PedX and is being rapidly developed with new features being added monthly.

How can I get accurate pedigree from zooeasy?

The more generations of animals you have stored in your database, the more accurate your breeding results will be. Use software of ZooEasy to simulate pedigrees of desired breeding pairs and you’ll instantly see the inbreeding percentages and mean kinship (additional costs) in advance.