How do I turn up the volume on my Ascom phone?

How do I turn up the volume on my Ascom phone?

Press the *-key to lock/unlock and then Soft key “Lock/Yes”. The “Locked keypad” icon indicates a locked keypad. Press to increase the volume, and to decrease the volume. Charging is done in a desktop charger or in a charging rack.

How do I use my Ascom phone?

Dialling can be made in the following ways: • In standby mode, dial the number and press the Call key or the Soft key “Call”. Press the Call key and select number from the Call list. Press a pre-programmed Hot key1 or Soft key. Dial a number from the local phonebook.

How do you call Ascom?

For more information, contact the Stanford IT Help Desk at 650-724-HELP (4-4357)….Ascom i62 pocket telephone (APT) instructions.

Turn the handset on Press and hold until the handset begins to start up.
Answer/end a call To answer a call, press or tap Accept. To end a call, press or tap the End soft key.

How do I lock my Ascom phone?

A short press on the Sound off key or a press on the Mute button before answering a call, silences the ring signal. Press the *-key to lock/unlock and then Soft key “Lock/Yes”.

What is an Ascom phone?

Ascom i62 a premium VoWiFi handset that is easy to carry, robust and drop resistant. It is designed to utilize open standards for communication i.e., IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n for wireless transmissions and SIP/H. 323 for VoIP telephony.

How does Ascom work?

ASCOM drivers allow computer-based control of devices such as planetarium software to direct a telescope to point at a selected object. Using a combination of mount, focuser and imaging device ASCOM drivers, it is possible to build a fully automated environment for deep sky imaging.

What is an Ascom device?

The world’s most complete range of professional phones and pagers. Empowering mobile workers. Enabling mobile workflows. Used and trusted by organizations around the world, Ascom pagers are the benchmark for rugged devices for demanding environments.

What is Ascom healthcare?

The Ascom Healthcare Platform. Built around three core pillars—Integrate, Orchestrate and Enable—the Ascom Healthcare Platform is unique: the only truly comprehensive, end-to-end communication and collaboration platform for long-term and acute care. For fifty years we’ve been pioneering healthcare communications.

Does stellarium support ASCOM?

This gives Stellarium the necessary support for ASCOM-connected mounts. Stellarium can be downloaded for free from the Stellarium website (click Windows 32-bit link at the top). At the time of writing this tutorial, the latest version is 0.14.

What is ASCOM diagnostics?

ASCOM (an abbreviation for AStronomy Common Object Model) is an open initiative to provide a standard interface to a range of astronomy equipment including mounts, focusers and imaging devices in a Microsoft Windows environment.

What is Ascom phone?

Who owns Ascom?

Ascom (company)

Type Public (SIX: ASCN)
Industry Telecommunication
Founded 1987
Headquarters Baar
Key people Jeannine Pilloud (CEO & Chairwoman)