How long is the Meramec Caverns tour?

How long is the Meramec Caverns tour?

one hour and twenty minutes
The Cavern Tour takes one hour and twenty minutes to complete, covering 1 ¼ mile round trip along well-lighted walkways. On the tour, you will see both the rarest and largest cave formations in the world.

Did Jesse James really hide in Meramec Caverns?

No, there is absolutely no historical evidence that Jesse James ever hit out in Meramec Caverns.

How much is a cave tour?

The cave tour itself lasts about an hour and 30 minutes. The remaining time is spent traveling on the trail to and from the cave entrance. The cave temperature is 57ºF (13ºC)….Cathedral Cave Tours.

Regular Admission
Teenager (ages 13-17) $8
Child (ages 6-12) $6
Child (under age 6) free

How should I dress to Meramec Caverns?

Since the cave is at a constant 58 degrees, a light jacket is recommended along with comfortable, non-slip walking shoes.

Which is better Meramec Caverns or Onondaga cave?

We have seen Meramec Caverns too, which are much much bigger, but the tour was longer there. I liked Onondaga Cave’s tour because it was just as pretty and fascinating as Meramec Caverns, but this medium sized cave was more ideal for having 3 kids 10 and under be able to walk the whole way.

Can you swim at Meramec Caverns?

The park has no designated swimming areas, but people are allowed to swim at their own risk throughout the park. Access to the river is available throughout the park and guests should choose their own spot to swim at their own discretion.

What else is there to do around Meramec Caverns?

Things to Do near Meramec Caverns‎

  • Kayaking & Canoeing. Cross Eyed Cricket Canoes.
  • Zoos. Wild Animal Adventure.
  • Zipline & Aerial Adventure Parks. Caveman Zipline.
  • Nature & Wildlife Areas. Riverside Wildlife Center.
  • State Parks. Meramec State Park.
  • Caverns & Caves. Fisher Cave.
  • Antique Stores. Henderson’s Antiques.
  • Beaches. Shady Beach.

Which is better Colossal Cave or Kartchner Caverns?

Colossal Cave is a dead cave (dry). It is dry and the rooms are much smaller than Kartchner. They take you through and tell interesting stories of all of the supposed goings-on of the past in the cave (hideout for bandits etc.) They do not give you as much of a geological background as they give you history.

What state is known as the cave State?

Missouri, long known as the “Cave State,” has almost 6,400 caves, and Missouri State Parks showcases four of the best for public tours. The four are Onondaga Cave and Cathedral Cave at Onondaga Cave State Park, Fisher Cave at Meramec State Park, and Ozark Caverns at Lake of the Ozarks State Park.