How do you keep aggro prot paladin?

How do you keep aggro prot paladin?

In order to hold aggro on a target, a tank must be able to generate more threat than their comrades. A paladin tank accomplishes this mainly by dealing a large amount of Holy damage while under the influence of Righteous Fury.

Is Paladin tanking hard?

I know this is not going to come as a very big surprise, but it’s not very difficult to tank as a paladin. Indeed, as the old adage goes, a paladin tank is easy to learn but difficult to master, and in many respects, that’s very true.

What is the best covenant for prot pally?

Best Covenants for Protection Paladin

Best Raid Covenants
Covenants Rating Best Soulbind
Necrolord Average Bonesmith Heirmir
Night Fae Average Niya
Venthyr Great Nadja (Lots of Movement) Theotar (Little or No Movement)

Is prot paladin easy to play?

Easy difficulty. Paladin has ok damage, good tankiness (par with warrior), good defensive utility. Medium difficulty. I play BDK and prot warrior at max level.

What seal should prot pally use?

Seal of Wisdom
Seal of Wisdom will be your go-to seal in most AoE threat situations, as a Prot Paladin your most limiting factor will be your Mana and it is important to maximize your incoming Mana to be able to maintain your threat for as long as possible, melee attacking with this seal active does not grant the most single target …

Is prot pally good in BFA?

Viability of Protection Paladin in the Current Patch Protection Paladins are currently one of the well rounded tanks for both raids and dungeons. We have fair self-sustain to dig ourselves out when dropping down to low health as well as very strong active mitigation to deal with predictable damage.

Is kyrian good for prot pally?

Kyrian is a good generic option for Protection Paladins. Ringing Clarity Conduit.

Can prot paladins seal twist?

The point of seal twisting is to have 2 seals active during a melee swing. You achieve this by casting either seal of blood or seal of command (whichever isnt already active) when your white triggers. You’ll want to use a nice swing timer addon to do this efficiently.