Who originally sang Ho Hey?

Who originally sang Ho Hey?

The Lumineers
Ho Hey

“Ho Hey”
Songwriter(s) Wesley Schultz Jeremy Fraites
Producer(s) Julius Gatuma
The Lumineers singles chronology
“Ho Hey” (2012) “Stubborn Love” (2014)

What genre is the song Hey ho?

Ho Hey/Genres

What album is hey ho?

Ho Hey/Album

What was the Lumineers first song?

Ho Hey
In December 2011, the song “Ho Hey,” which would become the band’s first single, was used in the first season of CW’s Hart of Dixie.

What does the saying hey ho mean?

weariness, disappointment, surprise
heigh-ho. / (ˈheɪˈhəʊ) / interjection. an exclamation of weariness, disappointment, surprise, or happiness.

Who is The Lumineers girl?

Neyla Pekarek
Neyla Pekarek (/ˈniːlə pɛˈkærɛk/; born September 4, 1986) is an American cellist, vocalist, and pianist. She was a member of the folk rock band The Lumineers from 2010 to 2018….

Neyla Pekarek
Associated acts The Lumineers
Website neylapekarek.com

What time signature is Ho Hey in?

Song Metrics Ho Hey is amoodysong byThe Lumineerswith a tempo of80 BPM.It can also be used double-time at 160 BPM. The track runs2 minutes and 43 secondslong with akey and amajormode. It hasaverage energyand isvery danceablewith a time signature of4 beats per bar.

Why do British people say hey ho?

“You say ‘hey-ho’ or ‘that’s the way it goes’ or ‘c’est la vie. ‘” It’s quite a British way to stoically say “mustn’t grumble”, he adds. The saying first appeared in print in 1471, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, which says it has nautical origins, meant to mark the rhythm of movement in heaving or hauling.

What does Heyo mean?

HEYO is a slang term which means “Hey You.” “Hey You” is also abbreviated as AYO, EYO, and HEYY.